Clear, objective pay and reward decisions

We develop frameworks for employers to organise their pay structures, reward programmes and benefits eligibility.
Rationalising pay structures 

Our job evaluation uses statistically-valid research to help you rationalise pay structures in your organisation, protecting you against equal pay claims and employment tribunals.

Failing to correctly implement a review process or using bad data, however, can fuel employee dissatisfaction and disputes. Our rigorous, analytical approach takes away the time consuming tasks involved and allows you to accurately determine the relative value of job roles across your organisation.

Data analysis

We will take your organisation away from tired, bureaucratic and points-based processes which can sow disputes to a data-driven approach based on broad research and meticulous interpretation.

Career framework design

We will provide you a transparent, straightforward infrastructure on which to build your pay structures, job roles and organisational design, and to map and explain career paths.

Reward and benefits integration

We will not only support the pay valuations of your job roles – we will also integrate and rationalise your employee benefit programme design with clear eligibility rules.

Job Evaluation Summary

  • Objective pay data research
  • Career framework and career path development
  • Research-driven rationalisation
  • Reward and benefits scheme design