Leverage tech-enabled guidance to drive a better user experience

Empower employees and members to maximise their benefits, compensation, rewards and pensions. Gallagher Guide's digital solutions create a personalised experience that supports your organisations holistic needs.

Transform your benefits and rewards management experience with our dynamic, customisable solutions. Our tech-enabled guidance empowers employees and members to maximise their compensation, rewards, and pensions. Use integrated, user-centric technology to drive employee and member wellbeing across health, pension, and career, creating a seamless and empowering environment where employees, members and organisation to thrive.

Gallagher Guide empowers you to:

  • Spotlight the value of your total rewards, pension and benefits packages to members and employees
  • Ensure end-to end, automated administration of your employee benefits packages and member pension schemes, delivered across full-service, engagement-driven, employee-centric platforms
  • Leverage deep insights using analytics that inform effective management of your programmes, on a scalable basis
  • Take advantage of in-depth consulting services that help you attract, inspire, and retain top talent to help your organisation thrive

Gallagher Guide: delivering a better employee and member experience for benefits, pensions and total rewards and engagement

We design Gallagher Guide's scalable solutions to help your employees and members access, understand and complete their rewards and benefits packages. From decision support for healthcare plans to financial wellbeing guidance, our technology platforms help each employee or member take full advantage of the benefits you provide, ensuring workforce satisfaction and overall wellbeing.

Benefits and rewards

Gallagher Guide Benefits — Benefits and rewards, amplified.
Integrating engagement, analytics and insight into an intuitive, effective delivery model, our all-in-one employee benefits platform delivers an enhanced experience.

Digitally enabled pension delivery

Gallagher Guide Pension - Digitally enabled pension delivery.
Tech-enabled administration platform empowering pension scheme members to navigate personalized benefits and receive expert support.

Total rewards and engagement

Gallagher Guide Total Rewards - Connected total rewards and engagement.
Empower employees with a seamless, customizable platform for comprehensive rewards and benefits, fuelling career wellbeing and organisational connection.

Drive a better experience for your people and members

Find out how Gallagher Guide's personalised approach can help employees and members make the most of their benefits