Protecting your travel agency or tour operator business

When you as a travel agency or tour operator take payment for a flight, and issue an ATOL confirmation, you’re responsible for the passenger. So if an airline fails, you must provide an alternative flight or refund for the passenger.

Our scheduled airline failure insurance is for travel agents and tour operators and offers a cost-effective way for you to protect your business in the event of the financial collapse of a scheduled airline, such as if the scheduled airline becomes insolvent or has an administrator appointed and is unable to fulfil booked flights.

Since you, as the travel agent or tour operator, are responsible for providing refunds or alternative flights for your customers, this could leave your business financially exposed. Scheduled airline failure insurance (SAFI) can help to protect your business, enabling you to continue trading even in the event of a large pay-out.

Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance

  • Airline failure cover protects your travel agency or tour operator business
  • Cost-effective
  • Applies to any scheduled airline (Subject to Insurers risk assessment)
  • Most premiums are paid monthly, helping to spread the cost

SAFI is a standalone insurance policy, purchased in addition to any travel agency insurance you may have. If a scheduled airline is unable to fulfil its obligation to your passengers, due to financial failure and bankruptcy, SAFI enables you to claim back either the cost of ticket refund(s) or the cost of alternative flight(s).