Bring your cover under one roof

We provide insurance cover for landlords with multiple properties—helping to simplify their insurance arrangements and protect their investments.

If you own a portfolio of properties, you may find it beneficial to bring your individual landlord policies together into one policy with a single renewal date. This can combine buildings insurance, contents insurance, and numerous other covers for all your let properties.

What is multi-property landlord insurance?

Insuring multiple properties is fairly similar to insuring a single property, as it provides buildings insurance, contents cover and liability insurance in the same way. You can also include insurance covers such as accidental damage, loss of rent or alternative accommodation cover.

The main reason why you would choose a multi-property landlord policy is that you can have one policy that covers a number of properties all at the same time. This can reduce your administration, means you pay one premium for your insurance cover, and you can add or remove properties as your portfolio evolves—even if this falls in the middle of your policy year.

Some insurance companies may offer discounts for multiple property insurance, so you could also save money as well as time.

How will I know if it is suitable for me?

As long as you own two or more properties, you can opt for this type of portfolio insurance, to combine the covers for all of them.

A wide range of properties can be covered under a multi-property policy and these can be discussed with us when you start your insurance quote. These can include, but are not limited to, standard rental properties, blocks of flats, HMOs, student-let properties, commercial lets, or properties of non-standard construction.

The properties would need to be owned by a single entity such as company, partnership, or by you as an individual.

You may find it more convenient to have a policy that includes multiple properties at the same time—it’s your personal choice on whether you combine them into a single landlord insurance policy with a common renewal date.

How can Gallagher help with my insurance cover?

It’s quick and easy to get a property owners insurance quote from Gallagher for your multiple properties. We will work with our panel of insurance providers to find you suitable cover—we can either provide a quotation over the phone or you can start your quote online.

Multi-Property Landlord Insurance

  • Cover for two or more properties on a single policy
  • Can include buildings insurance and contents insurance
  • Cover available for a wide range of properties
  • Flexible payment options*

*Provided by Premium Credit Limited subject to credit check. Policy limits and exclusions may apply. Please see the policy wording for full terms and conditions.

  • Gallagher SME Team