Helping your company to mitigate the risks you face

We help Heavy Engineering and Manufacturing companies mitigate and protect themselves from the risks they face every day. Our clients include large corporate or global industrial and engineering companies including steel companies and manufacturers.

We understand the concerns these industries face such as financial risks, geo-political risks, cyber and supply chain threats, regulatory risks and attracting and retaining a leading work force. In fact we have a reputation in the market for handling these risks and for designing tailored risk management programmes including manufacturers insurance to meet these client concerns.

We have the expertise and insurance capabilities of a global company, but the fast and friendly service of a small business. Our team is multi-disciplined, allowing us to make quick decisions about insurance for manufacturers. We are experienced with dealing with long tail liability claims which is why a number of the UK's largest steel companies choose to work with us. We can offer tailored advice on environmental, cyber and property and business interruption risks.

We offer added value by lending our specialist knowledge to design client specific solutions, especially complex risks which require a good understanding of the industry and an innovative approach. We do this by first identifying and assessing your risks, before offering advice on how to manage them. Where possible, we'll transfer them.

Heavy Engineering & Manufacturing Insurance

  • Insurance for Heavy Engineering and Manufacturing companies
  • Bespoke manufacturers insurance solutions
  • Experience with financial, cyber, property and business interruption claims
  • Comprehensive risk management

Our team are one of the most experienced out there, as through specific projects and claims settlements we have developed bespoke wordings for specific risks and risk management techniques for our clients. We are constantly working to refine and challenge these. To find out what we can do for you, from manufacturing liability insurance to other insurance for manufacturing companies, please get in touch today.​