We protect you against customers failing to pay for goods or services

Trade credit insurance protects you against customers failing to pay for goods or services provided on a credit basis, usually due to insolvency or lack of funds. It can assist growth by supporting trade with unfamiliar customers or export markets.

We're one of the largest trade credit brokers in the UK, first established in 1973. Our experienced credit risk insurance specialists help to protect the cash flow of a wide range of companies, from small businesses needing simple policies to multinationals requiring innovative global solutions. Working closely with you to understand your business, we’ll plan, negotiate and implement a tailored, competitive credit insurance policy which can take care of your interests and support your growth plans.

Our specialist team is here to support you, whether strategically or on a day-to-day operational basis. By arranging your bad debt insurance, we can help you to manage customer defaults and therefore help you to avoid insolvency. Claims are a major priority: should you ever need us, we’ll support you at every stage of the journey. Our goal is to see your claim settled quickly and efficiently, getting your cash flow back on track as soon as possible.

Strong relationships with underwriters

We've worked hard to build good relationships with all of the leading UK and international credit risk underwriters. This means we can offer attractive terms and innovative global solutions, pursuing the most comprehensive, tailored credit risk insurance for your particular business.

Trade credit insurance solutions

Your trade credit insurance could include whole-turnover insurance; excess of loss insurance; single/multi-buyer insurance; catastrophe cover; principal cover/key account insurance; top-up credit limits; political risks cover; and tenant default insurance.

Trade Credit

  • Competitive premiums
  • A policy structured around your own needs
  • Protect your turnover and cash flow
  • Dedicated team specialising only in credit insurance

Our export business credit insurance can help to provide peace of mind as you develop your business around the world. We can arrange a credit risk policy which helps to protect your export business in the face of uncertainty and risk when trading in unfamiliar countries. As an exporter, you may face the additional threats of non-payment as a consequence of war, acts of overseas governments, import/export restrictions, and currency transfer restrictions and inconvertibility.