Competing for the best talent in your market

We deliver pay benchmarking and salary benchmarking services that give you objective, reliable information.
Understand your pay position

Knowing what salary or pay to offer people gives your organisation the best chance of accessing the very best talent in the market.

Understanding your pay positioning in the talent market requires specialist knowledge and reliable data. Salary and pay benchmarking will help you make well-reasoned, data-driven decisions when it comes to ensuring the pay levels for any role in your organisation are set appropriately.

Our reward consultants can help you identify your positioning, read the situation and provide you independent insight and understanding.

Independent salary and pay data

We are fully independent and not tied to in-house surveys when advising you. We select salary surveys which are sector or function focused, using multi-source salary surveys to validate our findings.

Fully outsourced benchmarking

Our reward consultants have many years of experience in-house reading pay situations and routinely helping organisations like yours to manage benchmarking exercises when time or in-house expertise isn’t available.

Benefits benchmarking

We advise on the broader aspects of reward such as employee benefits, which are provided in addition to salary. We work hand-in-hand with employee benefits consultants to design, develop, implement and manage benefits programme that engage employees.

Pay Benchmarking Summary

  • Outsourced salary benchmarking
  • Independent pay data
  • Benefits benchmarking
  • Data-driven insights to inform your decision making