Reward and empower your global workforce

We can help you design and implement an international reward management strategy that supports your employees and is aligned with your organisational goals.

Developing an effective international workforce

Developing global talent requires investment in all areas of an organisation’s international human resource management (IHRM). We are able to draw on a wide range of resources from within our global network in 150 countries to help organisations effectively manage reward and benefits in a diverse international environment.

Our global HR services include reward strategy, pay benchmarking, benefits benchmarking, incentive plans and job levelling to help organisations invest in their international employees, and global mobility services to streamline the complexities of moving and managing people across international borders.

Global reward and benefits services

Our reward consulting services can be coordinated on a global basis to support employers in ensuring that their reward policies and practices reflect an appropriate level of local and global alignment to the markets in which they operate.

We can provide guidance in the development of overarching reward frameworks which support your strategic direction and desired level of alignment, whether that is helping you to establish global principles, reflect regional differences or focus on the local distinctions of individual locations where you are looking to attract and retain high performing individuals and teams.

It may be that you simply wish to understand the differences but ensure they are appropriately benchmarked within the locations in which you operate. However, we can also provide access to flexible products and services that support global integration and offer cost-effective solutions that can be centrally managed.

International pay and benefits benchmarking

Through salary comparison and analysis we can help ensure you are competitively placed in the markets and locations in which you operate. We bring a wealth of practical experience to international pay benchmarking including benchmarking of benefits and allowances, market pricing of roles at all organisational levels, and pay structure and pay progression system design.

Global mobility services

We are global mobility specialists who can help you translate intent into practice, be that policy development or process improvement for expatriate secondments. We work with you to identify opportunities for implementing the most practical approach for your company when developing your global mobility strategy, taking into account current best practice and cost saving opportunities.

We will help you understand the role of HR in global mobility and can simplify what has become a highly complex, often bureaucratic, costly and time consuming activity within HRM. We do all that is required to ensure a successful outcome for both employer and employee and we are flexible enough to tailor our service to your requirements.

International Reward Management

  • Align global reward practices with organisational goals
  • Global reward consulting relevant to your market and locations
  • International pay benchmarking services
  • Global mobility services that simplify complexity