Solutions designed to support clients operating within a number of sub-sectors

Our hospitality and leisure cover lets you insure your property for events and incorporate risk management solutions. There is a lot of change within the industry right now and we know that there is a need for insight and an understanding of challenges that members within this sector face – from the impact of Brexit and the flow of tourism, to regional events or new regulatory issues.

We offer a number of unique hospitality and leisure insurance and risk management solutions, including ‘perils free’ contracts which cover events over which clients have no control but could still have a negative impact on their ability to service debt or meet covenant obligations. No other broker provides this product to the market in the form we do.

We also offer a number of ancillary products, including our own closed schemes to support general Property and Casualty business and specific sector products aimed at hotels, namely, Non-Damage Loss of Attraction and Debt Service Indemnity, all of which can be placed globally.

The Hospitality and Leisure industry trust us to mitigate their exposures, which is why we have placed just short of $217m GWP in the UK and London Market alone. We have an extensive sector relationship base and also have associate membership of the Institute of Hospitality.

We also have strong open market relationships and regularly hold seminars to educate the industry. We also place specialist schemes in both the general and Lloyds of London insurance markets.

Hospitality & Leisure Insurance

  • Bespoke risk management and insurance policies
  • Work with clients of all sizes
  • Work with a wide range of sub-sectors
  • Exclusive covers available

Every member of our team is handpicked, with a pre-requisite of relevant sector experience, ensuring that you benefit from our extensive knowledge. We have an extensive global reach and draw on our financial strength and position as one of the world’s major insurance brokerages to create and deliver innovative hospitality and leisure insurance.