Robust protection for your plumbing business

From sole traders to large-scale plumbing businesses, Gallagher offers insurance solutions to meet your needs and help protect your livelihood.

For plumbers and heating engineers, with clients and projects changing from one day to the next, there is always a risk of accidents happening or things going wrong occasionally. From servicing a home boiler, replacing old or damaged pipework through to a commercial bathroom fit-out, there's much more to plumbing than many people may realise. Your tools and equipment could get lost or stolen. Worse still, a pipe could burst and flood the home or construction site you work in.

Whether you’re running a business with a team of plumbers and fleet of vans, or are a sole trader working in the local community, Gallagher offers a range of plumber insurance solutions to meet your needs.

Plumber insurance: What is it?

As a self-employed plumber or the owner of a small and growing business, plumber insurance is an important consideration for plumbers and heating engineers. It provides protection from accidents and errors that may happen when you, and your team, are on a job. No amount of experience, qualifications or safety measures can totally remove the risks involved with delivering plumbing service to commercial and household customers.

As one of the UK’s largest insurance brokers and small business insurance specialists, we can design tailored plumber insurance that offers robust protection should the worst happen. Insurance helps look after you, your employees, clients and members of the public.

No business is too small, no project too large for a Gallagher plumber insurance solution. Most importantly, we make sure it covers the things your business needs to deliver a service to your customers. Give our small business team a call today to review your existing insurance or arrange cover for you and your business. We’re ready and waiting to help.

Are there different types of plumber insurance cover?

Generally speaking, plumber insurance describes a range of insurance products that plumbers, heating engineering and plumbing contractors require to run their business and deliver a service.

Here are some of the common types of plumber insurance cover that should be taken into consideration. While some are a legal requirement in the UK, others are optional.

Plumbers’ public liability insurance

Whether you’re working in a customer’s home, a commercial building site or public space, plumbers’ public liability insurance is important to consider. Even the most skilled, trusted and experienced plumbers have accidents and mistakes do happen – no matter the care and caution you take in your work.

Plumbers’ public liability insurance covers you against accidents that end up injuring a client or a member of the public. It also protects you if there's damage to someone else's property that has come about due to your accident or mistake.

Although it’s not a legal requirement for plumbers in the UK, many plumbers have taken out this cover to help protect them against claims made where an incident injures a member of the public and / or damages a person’s home, business premises or perhaps a construction site due to your business activity. Your customers may also insist that you're covered by plumbers’ public liability insurance before they hire you.

Tool and equipment insurance

As a plumber, you often can't do your work to the highest standard without the right tools. In many cases, this equipment can be expensive to purchase. So, if your equipment is accidentally damaged beyond repair or stolen, you could be hit with that cost again.

Adding tool and equipment cover to your plumber insurance can help avoid this, however.

Employers’ liability insurance

If you employ someone else, you may be legally required to have this type of insurance and we can offer plumbers’ liability insurance to help you meet your legal duties. If not, you could be fined £2,500 per person each day. You must also have cover for a minimum of £5 million. The reason for this insurance is because it'll help you pay compensation if your employee is injured or becomes ill while doing their job and makes a claim against you.

Given the range of plumber insurance options available for plumbers, gas fitters, heating and ventilation engineers, the choice can raise a number of questions and be confusing. That’s where Gallagher can help. With our track record of supporting plumbers nationwide, we'll work with you to design a tailored solution with a level of cover that fits with the way you run your business.

For more information, call our team today on 0800 138 7580 or contact our specialists online.

Plumber Insurance

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  • Cover for your tools and equipment
  • The flexibility to change your cover as your business grows

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