Designed for IRATA members and IRATA-certified persons

Our exclusive rope access insurance can be tailored for your particular needs, even if you’re a start-up or self-employed. It’s designed for IRATA members and IRATA-certified persons – designed to bring you peace of mind at a competitive premium.

If you're a contractor who works at height (or you employ people who do), perhaps in construction, civil engineering, environmental, petrochemical, oil and gas or energy, you may be painfully aware of the difficulties of arranging rope access insurance. Some insurance companies won’t cover you – but thanks to our relationships with specialist ABI-approved insurers, we’re able offer exclusive roped access insurance at a competitive price.

Our exclusive riggers insurance covers your legal liabilities to employees (which includes you, if you’re employed by your own company) as well as third parties such as other contractors and the public. Rope access insurance is essential for working at height – you won’t be allowed onto a contractor’s site without it.

Special rates for IRATA

We’re an affiliate member of IRATA. Our work at height and rope access insurance is only available to IRATA members or IRATA-qualified individuals. This assurance is why we’ve been able to negotiate this exclusive, competitive product with the insurers.

Your cover could include £2m or £5m of public liability insurance and £10m employers' liability insurance as standard. You could choose onshore and/or offshore cover, and whether to include professional indemnity insurance. On request, you could extend your insurance to include employees (for an additional premium).*

We are specialists in rope access insurance

We have many years’ experience specialising in arranging riggers insurance and rope access insurance across many industries. Our exclusive rope access insurance policy can help to ensure that you adequately protect your legal liabilities to employees, third parties and third-party property. It can also help you comply with any contractual insurance requirements (which can be very complex).

* Policy limits and exclusions may apply; please see the policy wording for full terms and conditions

Rope Access Insurance

  • Specialists in riggers insurance and roped access insurance
  • Cover provided by specialist ABI-approved insurer
  • Open to all IRATA members and IRATA-certified individuals
  • Worldwide (except USA/Canada) on-shore and/or off-shore


If you ever need to make a claim, you’ll have a named claims handler within our own in-house claims team, who will work with you to try and get you the right settlement in the right timescale. And it’s good to know that cover limits are per claim, not per policy.

  • Rope Access Team