A pension is one of the most impactful benefits you can provide

We design effective and manage workplace pension schemes that link your HR strategy and organisation’s success to the long-term reward and financial wellbeing of your people.

Managing your workplace pension is a challenging task

Legislation, tax, investment performance and pension communications are complex and time consuming demands that are easy to misunderstand. But with the right support, your pension scheme can become an asset to your organisation as well as your employees.

Set up and stay in control

From designing your contribution scheme, benchmarking and selecting a provider, to auto-enrolment compliance, pension administration and member services – we will support your decision making, day-to-day duties and legal responsibilities.

Drive better return

We provide a full suite of pension services that ensure your pension scheme remains supportive of your organisational and financial wellbeing. Our consultants will help you enhance value and return on investment through well-executed pension governance and salary exchange, so employees take greater ownership of their retirement planning and you get to maximise contributions in a cost effective way.

Create positive outcomes

Supporting employee understanding and decision making is the key to growing confidence and engagement. We offer award-winning pension communications that remove complex terminology and help members to understand their options together with a range of financial guidance services that cut through the jargon so employees are empowered to make the right decisions for their future.

Workplace Pensions

  • Workplace pension scheme governance 
  • Award-winning member communications
  • Auto-enrolment and legislative compliance
  • Salary sacrifice / salary exchange