Creating better workplace experiences

We help Leadership Teams create better workplace experiences for their people. Workplaces that result in better productivity, profitability and organisational performance.

Change is now the new norm in UK organisations. With ever increasing expectations of technology, customer and employee experiences, combined with disruptive competition and the inevitable tightening of budgets, the one constant remains: the issue of finding the best people and keeping hold of them.

The needs of the global workforce are changing

Employees are now consumers of employers. Their behaviours are increasingly mirroring those when buying products and services in their day-to-day lives. They’re looking for more than a 9-5 nose to the grindstone mentality, a pay-cheque and an auto-enrolment pension.

People are now, more than ever, looking for employment that can provide them with valuable and meaningful experiences, experiences that create a sense of belonging, that add to their sense of individual value and experiences that show them that their employer is genuinely invested in their wellbeing.

They’re looking for trust, mutual respect, support, flexibility and autonomy. In short, focusing on creating a better workplace culture: the key ingredients to achieving true organisational wellbeing.

Attracting and retaining the best talent requires more than an annual engagement survey

Culture isn’t some nebulous thing that can be achieved with a pool table, a few bean bags and free fruit Friday. There’s actually a set of tangible things that leaders can do to create a better organisational culture.

We call this Gallagher Better WorksSM, a comprehensive approach to benefits, compensation, retirement, employee communication and workplace culture that aligns your people strategy with your business goals. It centers on the full spectrum of organisational wellbeing – strategically investing in things that make a tangible difference to the every-day micro experiences of your employees; supporting their health, financial wellbeing and career growth to give you competitive advantage.

CEOs that want to build an ‘employer of choice’ legacy are taking the lead on building a better workplace.

Organisational wellbeing looks different for every business and has to start with understanding where the organisation is, leveraging tools like engagement surveys, turnover statistics, financial benchmarks and industry reports such as Gallagher’s annual Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey. For example, the latest survey found that nearly 3 in 5 (57%) of organisations don’t survey their employees about benefits. It perhaps comes as no surprise then to also find out that over two thirds (67%) face challenges in appealing to their diverse workforces.

Best in class organisations use this kind of information to develop strategic steps to address what’s uncovered. This includes an ongoing focus throughout the organisation on a high blend of human and digital communication, so that employees are heard; so that the organisation’s purpose and ethos is clearly defined; and so that leaders walk the talk.

What kind of Leadership problems can Gallagher help with?

Through organisational wellbeing consulting, we will take our clients on a journey of discovery, as we dive deep into the heart of their organisations; into their culture.

As one team we’ll share our collective experience, our specialist skills, providing new and exciting ideas, approaches and innovations. We shape solutions together that are designed to make a real difference in the lives of your people, their career, physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.

It is our mission to reverse the negative trend of low engagement and high staff turnover. Through Gallagher Better Works we help organisations build a better workplace so they can face their future with confidence.

In the short term, while senior leader’s headspace is understandably consumed with business continuity in the face of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it would be all too easy to overlook the needs of your people. To find out how Gallagher can help you manage the key physical, psychological and cultural challenges right now, see our Employee Emotional Wellbeing article.

People are your most important asset. So ‘people’ is where we’re focused.

Organisations that work better have connected the dots between their people, productivity, profitability and growth. They understand that this is a leadership responsibility. Not a HR offload. And they know it’s not something that can be fixed with a set of disconnected initiatives and tools.

HR Director Forums

At these invitation-only events, we bring together HR Leaders from some of the biggest organisations on the planet. We discuss the topics dominating their agendas, gaining rich insights into HR and boardroom imperatives. It’s a best practice sharing win-win: for them; for us; and for every organisation on a journey towards building a better workplace. Here’s what we found out at the latest forum.

How can Gallagher help you get there?

Gallagher Better WorksSM provides the only roadmap you need. It’s a roadmap to holistic Organisational Wellbeing with success measured with facts and figures, not just anecdotal evidence.

Our comprehensive approach connects the dots between your people strategy and your overall business goals.

This isn’t a pre-determined journey. The routes to Organisational Wellbeing are different for every organisation. But they all start in the same place: your people.

Organisational Wellbeing Consulting

  • Creating a leading employee value proposition
  • Creating a positive climate where people can thrive
  • Creating a high performance culture
  • Retaining talent