Protect your personal assets in the event of legal action

Decisions you make, whether as a director or an officer of a business, can resurface months or even years later in the shape of a personal claim against you. D&O insurance can help protect your personal assets in the event of legal action.

Senior executives are judged by their decisions and could be held personally responsible for the consequences. Claims can be made against such individuals, as well as against the business.

Our directors' insurance policies help to protect senior executives against claims or allegations made by employees, the company, and third parties. They also protect the company balance sheet in the event that indemnification is unavailable or there is a securities class action against the business.

Exclusive, market-leading D&O insurance

We offer exclusive directors' and officers' liability insurance policies not available elsewhere. They provide comprehensive protection within a broad policy wording, with few exclusions and wider definitions than many D&O policies. These can also be tailored.

Why do you need D&O insurance?

D&O insurance can help to cover your legal defence costs and possible settlements in the event of a regulatory or company investigation, a defamation case, corporate insolvency, workplace injury, a privacy or data breach, harassment, criminal allegations, and more.

For businesses, providing D&O liability insurance for executives can offer balance sheet protection and, when recruiting for talent, can reassure candidates.

Our areas of specialism

We offer directors’ and officers’ insurance (D&O) including Side-A ‘difference in conditions’. Liability covers include pension trustee liability (PTL), employment practices liability (EPL) and transaction liability (including W&I). We also offer prospectus insurance for capital raisings, including IPOs, and for crime.

Our directors’ and officers’ liability insurance policies offer advantages and benefits not available with many other D&O policies. Contact us for a no-obligation discussion or a quote.

D&O Liability Insurance

  • We offer exclusive policies with tailorable wordings and flexible limits
  • Cover is worldwide
  • Limits of liability are flexible and can be per claim
  • Additional defence & legal representation costs are available from the insurer

With over 450 clients across 20 unique industries and 6 continents, our team is armed with the wide ranging experience needed to protect the personal assets of high net worth individuals and the companies that rely on them for success. While we have experience of large and complex risks, even our smallest clients get the benefit of our broad experience.