Flexible landlord building and contents insurance to meet your needs

Whether you’re looking for landlord building and contents insurance for your single private rental property or holiday let, or dedicated commercial property landlord insurance for your property portfolio, our team of specialists can help.

If you’re a landlord, having sufficient insurance in place can help protect your property against a range of risks such as storm damage, vandalism or other external or internal damage. Depending on the specific cover you choose, it can also give you financial protection against tenant disputes and loss of rent or property.

We understand the challenges faced by residential and commercial landlords and offer flexible cover options to meet your needs.

What does landlord building and contents insurance cover?

This type of landlord insurance covers the physical building itself and the contents of the property. For example, if environmental factors such as a storm or flood cause damage to your residential or commercial property, landlord building insurance can cover the cost of the repair work involved to the physical structure of the building. Contents cover on the other hand includes protection for the contents of the insured property should any item belonging to you within the property get broken or damaged – helping you cover the cost of replacement.

These are brief product descriptions only. Please refer to the policy documentation paying particular attention to the terms and conditions, exclusions, warranties, subjectivities, excesses and any endorsements.

What landlord building and contents insurance products does Gallagher offer?

We offer flexible landlord home insurance for residential landlords, as well as commercial property landlord insurance for owners of business premises. Both of these types of policy can include the following products:

  • Buildings
  • Contents, including communal areas
  • Property Owners’ Liability
  • Legal Protection

The landlord building and contents insurance you choose will define what is covered and it’s possible to add to and update your policy depending on your requirements.

Can my landlord insurance protect me against the non-payment of rent?

Yes, depending on the cover you take out. There are landlord insurance policies and optional add-ons that can provide cover for loss of rent if, for example, a tenant refuses to pay their rent or if the property is empty between tenants. If you book an insurance review with us we can discuss with you whether this may a suitable cover to include in your policy.

How do I claim on my landlord insurance?

If you need to make a claim on your landlord insurance, get in touch with us and our in-house claims team will be happy to help. We will assign you a claims handler who will be dedicated to your case and will stay in touch with you throughout the process. Our specialist team will work hard to resolve your claim as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Whether you need to make a claim or not, you’ll have a dedicated, UK-based account handler throughout the life of your policy who will be there to answer any of your questions by phone or email.

Can I spread the cost of my landlord building and contents insurance?

Yes, we offer flexible payment options for landlord insurance, allowing you to spread the cost of your policy with a monthly payment plan provided by a third-party supplier.*

* Provided by Premium Credit Limited subject to credit check. Please see terms and conditions.

Landlord Insurance

  • Landlord building and contents insurance for your rental property
  • Dedicated account handler throughout the life of your policy
  • In-house claims team
  • Flexible payment options

Talk to our team today who can help you to find the correct landlord insurance solution for your needs, making sure that you are adequately covered should the worst happen.

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