Protection for those dealing in two wheels

Whether you buy, sell, service, or repair motorbikes, working in the motorcycle trade comes with risks. That’s why you need suitable insurance to help ensure your business can be protected financially if anything goes wrong.

One way to do this is by purchasing a motor trade insurance policy, specifically for motorcycle traders. As you’ll see below, Gallagher offers a range of motorcycle trader policies that can be flexible to your business’ unique needs, covering potential accidents, theft, liability claims, and much more.

What is motorcycle trade insurance?

Motorcycle trade insurance provides specialised cover for your bike business. It’s designed specifically for anyone who works with motorbikes, including dealerships, MOT and service centres, and bodywork garages.

Why do motorbike traders need insurance?

As a legal minimum, you must have road risks insurance. However, working with motorbikes poses additional risks, including accidents, theft, premises damage, and employers’ liability claims, which basic policies may not insure you against.

As a result, you could be responsible for covering fees, fines, and other damage costs yourself. So, opting for more comprehensive cover through motorbike trade insurance is a way to help protect you and your business from financial loss.

What does motorcycle trader insurance cover?

No two motorbike businesses are the same, which means the level of cover you need will differ too. You can choose between varying levels of protection, ranging from essential minimum protection to comprehensive.

Policies typically include:

  • Third-party — covers third-party damage to other vehicles when driving.
  • Third-party fire and theft — covers third-party damage to other vehicles when driving and protects your bikes against fire and theft.
  • Comprehensive — the most inclusive cover, insuring your business premises, stock, and tools against theft and loss. Comprehensive policies also often extend to public and employers’ liability claims.

When purchasing motorbike trade insurance with us, by sharing with us details about your business and its requirements we can help you determine the level of cover your business needs – and advise on the most suitable cover our insurers can offer.

Motorbike trade insurance policies may include:

  • Rider cover — protects you against accidents on the road when driving motorbikes.
  • Accompanied demonstration cover — provides cover for customers to test drive motorbikes you sell.
  • Liability insurance — insures you against compensation and legal fees arising from employee and public liability claims, such as injuries on your premises.
  • Motorcycle shop insurance — protects stock, tools, and equipment from theft, loss, and damage at your dealership.
  • Premises cover — protects your business premises, insuring buildings against theft, loss, and damage, including fire and flood.

These are brief product descriptions only. Please refer to the policy documentation paying particular attention to the terms and conditions, exclusions, warranties, subjectivities, excesses and any endorsements.

Why choose Gallagher?

As one of the leading motor trade insurance specialists, we understand what it takes to protect your business. Our specialists work with you to get to know the details of your motorbike business, so we can advise on appropriate insurance cover that is suitable for your needs. To get a quote, call us on 01625 365179 or request a quote online.

Motorcycle Trader Insurance (optional cover)

  • Accompanied demonstration cover
  • Liability insurance
  • Motorcycle shop insurance
  • Premises cover

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