Plan and navigate your own unique journey

Gallagher’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) team works with clients to help them to plan and navigate their own unique journey towards a fairer and more equitable workplace - in which all colleagues feel that they belong.

A sense of belonging in an organisation is an important part of the people experience, improving employee connectedness, which in turn builds resilience and trust amongst colleagues. Creating a culture of belonging, respect and fairness is no longer a nice to have. It’s a business imperative. Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice, and belonging is an outcome.

When organisations imbed DE&I into all aspects of their people experience from recruitment to on-boarding, career development, training and employee benefits, its people thrive.

We will work with you to help you to plan and navigate your own unique journey towards a fairer and more equitable organisation – one where all of your people have an equal sense of belonging.

Our approach focuses on the principles of empathy, understanding and compassion as the core ingredients for an effective DE&I strategy. There are five key components to our DE&I offering:

DE&I Strategy development

Expert support in the development of an impactful and sustainable DE&I strategy, including purpose statement and roadmap development, measurement and continuous improvement. We will support you in the following areas:

  • Assess your organisation’s existing DE&I people experience and lifecycle
  • Development of a purpose statement, goals, roadmap and communications plan
  • DE&I ownership and measurement - identifying key areas of responsibility and measurement for DE&I, including DE&I survey and assessment tools
  • DE&I benchmarking and learnings from other organisations
  • Ongoing support and advice during strategy roll-out

DE&I Leadership skills development workshops

Based on the premise that everyone is a leader of their own attitudes towards others, we deliver interactive leadership skills development workshops, which focus on building skills within themes such as empathy, understanding and compassion. Topics include:

  • What is Diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • Why it matters: The law, the statistics and the impact
  • How attitudes and biases are formed
  • What impact our attitudes and actions can have on others
  • Personal skills assessment
  • Skills development activities, including storytelling and ‘real life’ scenario discussions

DE&I Leadership skills embedding tools


Using our proprietary coaching App, ChangeFit, we offer a range of online tools that help to embed the skills required to create a more inclusive and equitable culture. ChangeFit provides all colleagues with access to interactive and educational content. Features of the App include:

  • Easily accessible via mobile phone or desktop
  • Includes theory, team activities and ‘real life’ scenario discussion cards
  • Bespoke content can be curated to meet specific organisational needs, for example, tailored to company policies
  • Topics covered include, Language and Terminology, Political Correctness v Polite Consideration and The Power of Empathy

Inclusive benefits design

Gallagher’s Global Employee Benefits team support in the design of an inclusive employee benefits offering, ensuring that your benefits meet the needs of all your people, across all backgrounds. Our benefits design service includes:

  • The Employee Diversity Matrix - We’ll conduct a structured assessment of all of the diversity types within your audience, including age, gender, race, cognitive diversity, disability and sexual orientation – in order to help you to design your employee benefits strategy
  • Persona Testing - Using a range of personas, we will assist you in testing your benefits offering, to ensure that it is set to achieve the target standards set out in your DE&I statement of principle
  • The employee benefits DE&I assessment – We will assess your existing benefits offering and recommend changes, to help you to build an inclusive employee benefits offering
  • Employee benefit communications support – This includes interactive modelling tools such as the ‘career break impact on pensions’ tool - a calculator that demonstrates the impact on pensions that a career break can have, when the user enters salary, contribution rate and length of break

DE&I Communication support

Our dedicated communications team can provide hands-on support with a whole host of communications, including DE&I brand development – so that you can deliver engaging DE&I communications. Our service includes:

  • DE&I programme brand development
  • Production of storytelling videos, to build employee empathy and understanding
  • Launch of impactful communications and ongoing engagement communications – including support such as copywriting, graphic design and content development for your intranet, emails, posters and newsletters
  • Specific campaign development and event communications for activities including DE&I week, in-house survey launches and national ally days and awareness periods