Gallagher's Multinational Benefits and HR Consulting practice: Your global connectors

Whether you are a technology firm expanding into Asia, or an established manufacturing enterprise with a presence in several global markets, we have the consulting expertise, data analytics, tools and processes to connect your benefits across the globe, creating measurable return on investment through cost savings, administrative efficiencies and aligned approach to talent attraction, retention, engagement and protection.

Multicultural and multi-disciplined: This is true multinational benefits and HR consulting

We work across regions to build comprehensive programs that are fluid and flexible. Who we are:

  • A diverse, multi-disciplinary team of subject matter experts with backgrounds in actuarial services, analytics, legal, benefits management, consultancy, human resources, insurance, procurement, research, risk management and security advisory services
  • More than 60 global multilingual team members
  • Specialists in global benefits, HR and mobility solutions
  • Active advisory board members on all major global insurer and assistance providers

Proven process for alignment and synergy

Our hands-on and in-depth approach aids you in developing a bespoke design for your organisation’s global benefits, to ensure you develop a compliant program that will protect you and your people, delivered in a way that engages your people in line with your broader organisational goals.

Five pillars of excellence for a holistic approach

Powered by experts with in-depth knowledge of the complexities of the global business, we have developed services that uniquely address the needs of multinational organisations.

Global workforce strategy and consulting

Discover how a truly holistic global benefits strategy can transform your organisation. We can guide and support your delivery of a detailed, actionable, real-time plan aligned to your business objectives, giving you the ability to empower your employees to perform. We offer:

  • Strategic oversight through international partnerships
  • Comprehensive benefits design
  • Optimised benefits financing and cost control
  • Workforce wellbeing and advocacy
  • Mergers and acquisitions guidance
  • Metrics reporting for global governance and benefits management


What is the maternity leave in Belgium? What are the pension laws in Japan? What are the benefit requirements in the European Union? GVISORSM keeps you up to date and fully informed of the real-time compliance regulations and laws, so you can plan accordingly. Insights are provided by experts who are on the ground and know of the latest changes and trends, giving you the confidence of having the best information delivered right to your inbox. GVISORSM offers:

  • Customisable online subscription service
  • Comprehensive country manual with mandatory and market practice information
  • Compliance alerts and benefit news
  • Training resource for global benefits managers
  • Monthly subscriber updates
  • Custom reports and compliance calendar

Global Risk Solutions Centre of Excellence

Leveraging our specialist team, market relationships and unique approach to duty of care, our team assesses the real-time risks your employees can face while living and working outside of their home country. We provide a range of advisory and insurance solutions so your globally mobile workforce can focus on their assignment. Our centre of excellence provides brokerage and consulting support:

  • International private medical insurance (individual and group)
  • International life and disability (individual and group)
  • International savings plans
  • Business travel
  • Risk management
  • Global wellbeing solutions (including EAPs and telehealth)

Global Mobility Advisory

The world is more open for business than ever before. To win the war on talent, organisations must become more agile, think beyond borders and redefine. Our experienced Gallagher team is here to help our clients develop a program fit for that purpose and achieve their global mobility goals.

When you partner with Gallagher, you gain access to the full range of end-to-end Global Mobility HR services. You’ll benefit from customised consultation to ensure best in class program design, right through to technology-enabled management of your global mobility program. Gallagher can help your organisation stay ahead of the competition, becoming a global destination for top talent and allow your teams to focus on partnering with the business. Our Global Mobility offering features:

  • Holistic and bespoke mobility design methodology
  • Simplified compliance and cost-effective program administration
  • All encompassing, technology-enabled program management
  • Independent approach to service deliver, focused around the employee experience and cost savings

IBIS Academy

The IBIS Academy works with industry leaders to cultivate a global community of excellence and knowledge. By connecting with the global changemakers of the industry, you’ll have exclusive access to the latest trends and relationships to help you keep your organisation running with the most relevant information and innovations. We offer you:

  • Longest running global benefits, HR and mobility conference
  • Strategic partnerships and networking
  • IBIS Institute: Five-day global benefits, HR and mobility fundamentals training
  • IBIS Conference: Three-day event for experienced global benefits, HR and mobility professionals
  • Global mobility advisory and risk solutions track one-day event
  • Virtual IBIS

A global leader with local relationships

Our multinational practice is staffed with people who possess both the passion and professional expertise to deliver keen insights and uncommon solutions that harmonise your benefits solutions, locally, regionally, and globally.

The Gallagher Difference

The Issue - A financial services client had long-standing life and disability policies in the UK for its domestic population, but had also been covering a handful of employees across the EU within the policies for ease of administration and leverage over rates. After the Brexit event, the insurer recognised that it would no longer be able to cover the non-UK risk, so the client engaged Gallagher to consider alternatives.

At the same time, the group also wanted to extend coverage to all employees in each of its EU locations, not just senior staff.

The Solution - As employees were predominantly local nationals, Gallagher engaged providers with pan-European solutions as well as network providers able to offer local plans under a pooled arrangement to demonstrate the options available.

The Result - The client elected a pan-European solution for ease of administration, increasing the lives on cover up to four times the original population. They did, however, decide to leave the UK policy under a domestic solution to benefit from the embedded trust solution not available in the pan-European market.

Multinational Benefits

  • Multinational benefits inventory and audit
  • Global mobility
  • Multinational pooling
  • Global employee communications