IBIS Academy 2023: Connect. Empower. Advance.

Global conference empowers Global Benefits, HR and Mobility professionals to learn, grow and share best practices

For the first time in over two years, IBIS Academy — known as the premier Global Benefits, HR and Mobility conference — will be hosted in person on 1-5 May 2023. Gallagher will bring together thought leaders from all over the world to launch IBIS Academy 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The theme of the conference is "Connect. Empower. Advance." Attendees will be able to participate in numerous educational sessions and networking opportunities with HR professionals, business leaders and industry experts in the Global Benefits sector.

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Why attend Gallagher's IBIS Academy?

The IBIS Academy works with industry leaders to cultivate a global community of excellence and knowledge. You'll get exclusive access to the latest trends and relationships to help keep your organization connected and prepared for the future.

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1-5 May 2023 — IBIS Academy in Geneva, Switzerland: We're excited for the launch and return of IBIS Academy in Geneva, Switzerland. We are thrilled to bring back programming and conference options for our global attendees.

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3-5 May


1-5 May
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Mobility Congress

2 May

Mobility Congress + Conference

2-5 May


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