IBIS Academy 2024: Connect. Empower. Advance.

Global conference empowers Global Benefits, HR and Mobility professionals to learn, grow and share best practices

The 2024 IBIS Academy is 20-24 May in historic Dubrovnik, Croatia, on the beautiful Adriatic Sea. IBIS is the premiere event for human resources, global benefits and global mobility professionals. Don't miss this chance to expand your knowledge in our educational sessions and network with your peers from around the world.

Why attend IBIS Academy?

IBIS Academy works with industry leaders to cultivate a global community of excellence and knowledge. Delegates get exclusive access to the latest trends and relationships to help keep your organization connected and prepared for the future. IBIS Academy brings people together from across the world with the shared goal of connecting with each other, empowering people and advancing organizations. IBIS Academy: Connect. Empower. Advance.

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Track, dates and costs for 2024 IBIS Academy

Track Track dates
US dollar
British pound


22-24 May $2,750


20-24 May $3,500 £2,750


21 May $0

Mobility + Conference

21-24 May $2,750
Gala 23 May $300 £235
Partner Program 22-24 May $350 £275
IBIS Hotel Rate/Night
+2.70 EUR per person per night
14-28 May $240 £190

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In case you need help persuading your management to send you to IBIS, we've put together a template with wording you can use as is, or modify to best suit your situation.

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Get ready for IBIS Academy 2024 in Dubrovnik, Croatia!

20-24 May 2024 — IBIS Academy in Dubrovnik, Croatia: We're excited to see you again for 2024's IBIS Academy! We're thrilled to continue to bring you thought-provoking, cutting-edge and interactive programming and conference options for our global attendees.

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