Author: Karine Garcia


This paper provides guidance to corporations expanding their international presence through GMPs (global mobility programs) regarding how to best leverage their diverse human capital talent to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in global markets, while moving toward meeting the end goal of DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion).

By the end of this document, you will be informed about:

  • The benefits of DEI programs
  • The evolving role of corporate GMPs
  • The business rationale for designing a GMP that embraces DEI goals
  • Recommendations for diversifying the mobile workforce

The end goal of DEI is not to simply meet workforce quotas of underrepresented groups, but to translate the diverse composition of the workforce into engagement, growth and participation at managerial levels (i.e., breaking any glass ceilings). The low representation of women and minorities in the mobile workforce hinders the goal and benefits of diversity at leadership levels.

International assignments allow employees to develop unique skills while expanding their professional networks, which enhances their career paths. International assignments and the resulting experiences are often a prerequisite to reaching top managerial positions within multinational corporations.

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Author Information:

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Karine Garcia

Senior International Benefits Specialist, Multinational Benefits & HR Consulting