Our Products & Services

Carefully tailored business insurance, risk management and risk transfer solutions for large enterprises and multinationals.

Our casualty insurance programme is based on a sound understanding of risk, competitively priced and responsive to changing requirements.

Our claims management & loss recovery service offers expert business claims support, helping to resolve claims more quickly, efficiently & successfully.

Our specialist crisis management consultancy, services & insurance help businesses to anticipate, prevent, respond to & recover from risks like terrorism.

General liability insurance to protect your business in the event of a claim made against you by a customer, employee, member of the public or other third party.

We arrange latent defects insurance to help cover the repair costs on residential, commercial and mixed-use developments, both in progress and completed.

In a transaction, we can provide insurance due diligence, place transactional insurance products and arrange cover for portfolio companies.

We advise large retailers on their risk management, risk transfer and insurance, helping them to protect the business, their brand, and their reputation.

Our experienced team of trade credit insurance brokers help protect domestic and export trade of a wide range of businesses, from SMEs to multinationals.