Gender Pay Gap reporting is a legal requirement

We help organisations that employ more than 250 employees with their gender pay gap reporting duties.
Gender pay gap reporting regulations became a requirement in 2018

They require organisations in England, Scotland and Wales with more than 250 employees to calculate and publish the pay gap data between male and female employees on an annual basis.

Your gender pay gap information must be uploaded to the UK government’s dedicated website and made available on your organisation’s website. 
Our reward experts will ensure you meet your obligations in the first instance and will support your broader analyses and messaging so you can evidence an authentic, forward-looking action plan.

Gender pay gap calculations

We offer a cost effective solution that quickly calculates the required reporting information from your payroll or HR system.

Gender pay gap reporting

We will prepare your gender pay gap report, including introductions, mean and median hourly rates comparisons, bonus participation and earnings comparison, career paths and earnings.

Gender pay gap narrative and action-planning

In addition to the challenge of gathering and reporting your data, it’s important to consider the narrative around your organisation’s results – to give explanation and meaning to potentially sensitive matters that may interest your people.

We will support you with a high level narrative that provides meaning and context to the findings, helping you to identify root causes and targeted remedial actions that consider the broader picture of your talent management, from HR and reward policies and flexible working to talent development and succession planning.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Summary

  • Gender pay gap calculations
  • Gender pay gap reporting
  • Support to develop your gender pay narrative
  • Develop an authentic action plan