Our clients expect more than just a successful reinsurance placement and excellent account service. They expect their reinsurance advisor to understand their business, their issues and their market.

Our team provides industry-leading portfolio modeling, actuarial services, contract wording, and reinsurance accounting and claim support for national, regional and start-up surety and fidelity companies. Organizations place their confidence and trust in us because they recognize the level of advocacy, worldwide market access and expert advice we provide as part of our overall business proposition:

Business and Professional Experience

We believe it's vital to maintain business segments with a specific focus — segmentation enables us to cater to each client's distinctive business model and objectives

Understanding of your Risk Appetite, Goals and Objectives

Only through a full understanding of your risk appetite and objectives can we recommend a cohesive and comprehensive risk management strategy. We develop a complete profile of your business, helping ensure a profound understanding of your risk appetite and philosophy.

Strong Technical Approach

The Gallagher Re eNTRUST model is our proprietary risk evaluation tool for analyzing and pricing credit, surety and political risk portfolios. Our dedicated surety actuarial team brings together a wealth of class-specific modeling and pricing experience.

Reinsurance Optimization

Once risk appetite and key performance indicators have been established, we use the output from our modeling to measure and visualize the impact of various reinsurance programs on the performance of the portfolio.

Alternative Structures

Based on the characteristics of your business plan, portfolio, market conditions and the amount and type of capacity required, we work with our analytics experts to develop and price alternative structures. We bring a deep understanding and appreciation of what is possible in the current market.

Contractual Negotiation

Our experienced contract wording professionals help ensure that wordings are at the vanguard of coverage and terms.

Marketing and Negotiation

Our extensive market relationships enable us to attract the necessary interest and capacity.