Homeowner insurance for thatched houses and cottages

Does your house have a thatched roof? We offer buildings and contents insurance for thatched properties. Whether your house or cottage is new, old or listed, we can provide specialist advice and arrange your thatched property insurance for you.

We are specialists in arranging homeowner insurance for thatched houses and cottages, including listed buildings. Insurance for thatched roofs is often thought to be expensive and hard to get, but it doesn’t have to be! Our Thatchowners home insurance policy can help protect your roof as well as the building and possessions beneath it.*

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What’s covered – buildings insurance?

Should the worst happen (including fire, explosion, subsidence, landslip and storm/flood, among other calamities), you'll be covered for the full cost of repairing or rebuilding your thatched house, including any demolition and, of course, a replacement thatch roof. With our thatched house insurance, you'll be covered for architects’, surveyors’ and legal fees, plus temporary accommodation. You can also choose to add accidental damage cover, subject to policy limits and adequate sums insured.

What’s covered – contents insurance?

In the event of accident, damage, loss and/or theft, you’ll be covered for the contents of your thatched home. This includes jewellery, cash and credit cards, antiques, paintings, gifts, business equipment, specified electronic devices, and items in locked outbuildings. You’re also covered for items removed temporarily from home; for example, by a student family member**.

What kind of thatched property?

We can arrange insurance for thatched cottages and houses ranging from your main home to a second home, a holiday home, or even a buy-to-let property. Your building might be new, but it’s more likely to be old or even a listed property.

Specialist advice for owners of thatched properties

To protect your roof and your home, we’ll advise on repairing, cleaning and inspecting your chimneys and thatched roof, plus risks like lighting, electrics and wood storage.

Thatched Property Insurance summary

  • Bespoke policy wordings are available
  • Flexible cover levels
  • Option to spread your insurance premium over 12 months
  • Home Emergency helpline

* Limits and exclusions may apply; please see policy wording for full terms and conditions.
** What's not covered: More than £2,500 in total; more than £500 for any single item; theft unless following forcible and violent entry.