1. Gallagher Companies are primarily compensated from the usual and customary commissions, fees or, where permitted, a combination of both, for brokerage and servicing of insurance policies, annuity contracts, guarantee contracts and surety bonds (collectively "insurance coverages") handled for a client's account, which may vary based on market conditions and the insurance product placed for the client.
  2. In placing, renewing, consulting on or servicing your insurance coverages, Gallagher companies may participate in contingent and supplemental commission arrangements with intermediaries and insurance companies that provide for additional compensation if certain underwriting, profitability, volume or retention goals are achieved. Such goals are typically based on the total amount of certain insurance coverages placed by Gallagher with the insurance company, not on an individual policy basis.
  3. Gallagher Companies may receive investment income on fiduciary funds temporarily held by them, or from obtaining or generating premium finance quotes, unless prohibited by law.
  4. Gallagher Companies may also access or have an ownership interest in other facilities, including wholesalers, reinsurance intermediaries, captive managers, underwriting managers and others that act as intermediaries for both Gallagher and other brokers in the insurance marketplace some of which may earn and retain customary brokerage commission and fees for their work.

If you have specific questions about any compensation received by Gallagher and its affiliates in relation to your insurance placements, please contact your Gallagher representative for more details.

In the event you wish to register a formal complaint regarding compensation Gallagher receives from insurers or third-parties, please contact Gallagher via e-mail at Compensation_Complaints@ajg.com or by regular mail at:

Group Compliance Officer
Gallagher Caribbean Group
Stanley Centre
Haggatt Hall
St. Michael