Gallagher provides high-level experience, analytical capabilities, a consultative approach and specialist insurance broking services all working toward the protection and success of your executives and your organisation. And should a claim occur, we shine the brightest by maximising your insurance recoveries based on the policies in place.

Insurance cover designed to protect your leadership and your organisation

Executives are capable of amazing things. Building teams, creating revenue, developing strong products and profitability. They also face unique risks that require a delicate and in-depth approach and need tools and covers to adequately protect them and the companies they serve. Our D&O insurance cover is designed for organisations and their executives, focused on all aspects of executive liability, including expert management liability insurance placement services, guidance through mergers and acquisitions and are further prepared for the potential connections to cyber liability and employment practices liability. We educate clients on the new reality of event-driven D&O claims. We listen, use high-level tools to assess your industry's environment and produce a custom management liability solution that aligns with your risk exposure and supports your executive team and organisation. Key aspects of our policy cover includes:

  • Up to US$20,000,000 each and every occurrence and in the aggregate
  • Optional cover:
    • Entity Extensions
    • Stand Alone Entity
    • Fiduciary Cover

Protection solutions for the entire spectrum of management liabilities

Our D&O insurance advisors are part of a global network that encompasses processes, markets and strategies to provide comprehensive protection for executives and their organisations. Our management liability insurance practice includes three key services to deliver truly best in class cover.

1. Quantitative analysis. With benchmarking and models, we identify where and how large your exposures are, and give you information to help you select the right insurance cover structure to mitigate future risks.

2. Contract and cover analysis. We analyse all of your policies and covers to figure out where you may have gaps. We use court cases and business partners in the legal arena to fine-tune our carrier requests for improvements.

3. Claims advocacy. Our claims advocacy team includes specialised attorneys that work with carriers and clients throughout the entire claims process.

Our team of D&O insurance advisors are here to help guide you through the spectrum of management liability covers to help minimise risk for your organisation and executives. Additional covers include:

  • Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurance
  • Fiduciary liability insurance
  • Employee dishonesty (Crime) and fidelity bond insurance
  • Kidnap, ransom and extortion liability insurance
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • M&A Transaction insurance, including representations and warranties and tax mitigation insurance

D&O Insurance Summary  

  • Consultative approach combined with experienced D&O insurance advisors across industries
  • Quantitative analysis and benchmarking that guides more precise coverage structures  
  • Dedicated claims advocacy team with attorneys specialising in D&O insurance cover  

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