A retirement plan is a valuable employee benefit that plays an important role in securing financial comfort. And ensuring organizational wellness.

Through our affiliate Total Benefits Specialists Limited (TBSL), we assist corporate clients with customized retirement plan solutions through careful analysis and a collaborative, consultative approach.

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As your trusted partner, our team uses its detailed knowledge of laws and regulations to devise a retirement plan that works for your employees and helps you build a stronger organization.

Some of the factors we use to tailor the best retirement plan for corporate clients include industry sector, employee headcount, company revenue and salary levels.

We provide a full suite of retirement plan services

We pride ourselves on service and differentiate Gallagher from other companies by assuming the administration of your retirement plan through TBSL, who provides employee benefits consultancy, oversight and administrative support for our clients.

We become a seamless extension of your human resources department, alleviating the day-to-day demands on HR personnel and ensuring your employees understand and use the retirement plan they have.

Other administrative services we provide include:

  • Onboarding. We help new employees complete enrollment documents.
  • Verification. We receive and verify the accuracy of monthly remittances, anniversary statements and tax certificates.
  • Transfer of ownership. We facilitate the transfer of ownership of corporate policies when employees switch jobs.
  • Retirement option consulting. At retirement, we consult with employees on which retirement option may be most appropriate.

Find additional value-added financial wellness services on our Wellness and Business Solutions page.

Employee benefits portal provides around-the-clock access

Our employee benefits portal provides employees with 24/7 access to real-time pension data.


Retirement Plan Consulting Summary

  • Tailored retirement plans for organizational wellbeing
  • Accurate and efficient retirement plan administration
  • Seamless extension of your HR department

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