Our construction team focuses on developing surety, insurance and risk management programmes for contractors, sub-contractors and firms specialising in construction projects large and small.

Solutions created for construction contractors' specific risks

Before, during and after construction, a construction contractor is exposed to risks that can threaten to stop a job. Our team of construction experts partner with you to create a risk management programme that closes gaps and supports the continuous running of your business. Gallagher's construction insurance and risk management team is able to secure multiple lines of insurance that create comprehensive cover for aspects of your business including:

  • Project insurance
  • Project marine cargo
  • Marine delay in set-up and advance loss of profit
  • Owner controlled insurance programme
  • Surety solution
  • Workers' compensation
  • General liability
  • Terrorism and political risk
  • Professional indemnity

Cover for all construction project sizes

We work with all sectors in the construction industry and with all levels of financing to help keep business moving.

  • Building construction
  • Residential construction
  • Non-residential construction
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Industrial construction

Customised construction contract surety bonds for your project

We understand the construction contract surety market and how vital it is to place the right bond to your construction project. We maintain open lines of communication with senior leadership at the leading contract sureties (also known as construction bonds) so we have first-hand knowledge of market trends, product development, coverage and pricing. Our 100+ years combined surety experience, strong reputation and well-established relationships give us the insight to work with any scenario to help you navigate the complex issues around securing sureties with precision. We work globally and have routinely placed bonds in Africa, Canada, Puerto Rico, Central and South America, the European Union and the Pacific Rim.

Experienced construction risk analysis

Our construction insurance and risk management analysts will work with you to address your exposures against your peers and develop a plan to help mitigate your risk. We evaluate your risk profile to create a comprehensive risk management programme that closes gaps and safeguards you from loss. Construction risk analysis includes:

  • Identifying and reviewing exposures to financial loss
  • Recommending insurance covers to mitigate those exposures
  • Obtaining cover options from insurance providers who serve the construction industry
  • Structuring an insurance program that maximises covers while keeping an eye on costs

Construction Insurance and Consulting Summary

  • Experience commercial and residential construction risk management
  • Wide breadth of cover options for contractor specific needs
  • Access to surety markets

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