The Gallagher Energy insurance and consulting practice brings together a global team of expert consultants to guide you through the range of current challenges the energy industry faces today with risk management and HR and benefits programmes that protect and promote stability and give you the confidence to grow.

Risk management strategies for a complex energy industry

The energy industry is facing challenges from every front. The global energy demand is skyrocketing and there is the ever-changing global regulatory environment. The Gallagher Energy consultants and insurance experts serve all facets of the energy sector from producers to providers globally to develop comprehensive risk management and HR strategies with you. Our energy clients include:

  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Downstream
  • Power
  • Utilities
  • Renewables

Expertise across the energy supply chain

We work with you across your entire enterprise to provide a spectrum of services which address energy related areas such as environmental risks, third-party liability and workers compensation and unique executive benefits and retirement plans. We have the energy expertise and ability to develop coverage and programmes that customised to meet your organization specific needs, rather than an off-the-shelf solution. Additionally, our energy consultants and insurance experts provide expertise in risk transfer programmes and benefit solutions for all sizes of clients. We strive to provide solutions at all points in your supply chain including exploration and production; power and utilities; contractors as well as but not limited to alternative and renewable energy.

Innovative solutions for a complex industry

Gallagher has created specialised programmes to help the energy industry face the increasingly complex risk management landscape. We are able to work with alternative and renewable energy providers as well as established energy providers. Our specialised programmes include:

  • Industry specific benchmarking. We harness big data so you can connect the dots of how macro trends and factors are affecting your business and build strategies to meet those challenges. From claims management to employee engagement and recruitment, we provide information that captures the depth and dynamics of the energy industry for precise and effective solutions.
  • Customised claims advocacy and loss control. We develop programmes that reduce costs and claims frequency. Our claims advocacy and loss control teams are staffed with energy engineers and experts. Their background and relationships with work closely with carriers to advocate with you and get your claims paid. We aid you in being proactive as well, with customised loss control programmes that analyse your organization's claims and exposures.
  • Gallagher LE3D weather risk mitigation programme. This programme aids electricity retailers with strategies to mitigate their operational and financial risks.

We work with you and conduct a thorough risk analysis to identify and uncover unknown risks. We will then develop a custom risk management plan to close risks and reduce liability. Covers can include:

  • Bonds and surety
  • Builders' risks and installation
  • Operators' extra expense/control of well
  • Excess liability
  • Executive risks
  • Protection and indemnity/MEL
  • Seepage and pollution remediation
  • Business interruption/loss of production
  • Contractors' equipment
  • Downstream property
  • Third party liability
  • Workers compensation/employers liability
  • Cargo and transit
  • Delay in start-up
  • Hull and machinery
  • Political risks

Helping you build a future-focused workforce, today

From managing a fragmented workforce to a greying staff to competition for highly skilled workers, the oil and gas industry is facing unique challenges. Gallagher is ready. We offer HR and benefits consulting for the entire wellbeing of your organisation and prepare you to meet the shifting needs of employees and the market, so you remain competitive and thriving now and into the future. Our wellbeing programmes provide:

  • a holistic approach to organisational wellbeing that is focused on attracting, engaging and retaining skilled workers and that is specific to the needs of the energy industry
  • consulting that provides gap analysis and an industry scorecard so your programmes are modified to keep pace with your competitors for better retention and engagement
  • educating employees about their benefit plans clearly and concisely so they realise the value of working for you
  • collaboration with our in-house attorneys, HR consultants, international consultants and underwriters to help mitigate risk and create a sustainable business
  • building strong cultures by supporting your HR staff with advocacy solutions
  • supporting employee wellbeing with programmes that keep a global workforce engaged and connected to family while working internationally
  • succession planning strategies that address key stages from the beginning of a career to retirement

Energy Insurance and Consulting Summary

  • Customised risk management policies and programmes
  • Expertise across the energy sector for insurance and HR and benefits
  • Access to loss control team with engineers for more complete programmes
  • Claims guidance support

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