Gallagher has been providing specialist insurance and risk management solutions to the sporting industry for more than 30 years. We're proud to support all levels of sporting participation from grassroots through to the elite professional level.

Our expert brokers have worked alongside Rugby Australia to deliver an insights-led approach to rugby risk mitigation, be it for whole of game insurance programs or bespoke insurance solutions for elite and representative players. Gallagher's data and insights about injury trends and risk exposure have helped shape our risk management policies.

What does a Rugby Australia insurance program cover?

Our specialist brokers here at Gallagher have partnered with Rugby Australia to tailor an insurance program encompassing Public and Professional Liability, Professional Indemnity, Personal Injury and Club Management Liability coverage.

Under this program, Rugby Australia Limited and its members and affiliate members, including member clubs and associations of the various state members, players, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators, voluntary workers and/or selectors are covered.

The Rugby Australia program does not include Golden Oldies and school rugby unless specifically extended.

Where implemented, this Personal Injury Insurance Program provides specified benefits to players who are injured while participating in rugby. This excludes any medical costs that are covered (or partly covered) by Medicare. More information on Medicare coverage can be found on our Claims page.

Additional Benefits

There are other additional benefits available under the Sports Personal Injury policy including:

  • Student Assistance benefit
  • Domestic Home Help Expenses
  • Parents Inconvenience Allowance
  • Travel and Accommodation Expenses
  • Funeral Expenses Benefit
  • Overseas Medical / Repatriation Expenses

For details of these additional benefits, covered under this policy please contact the Gallagher Sport Team.

What injuries are not covered

The Personal Injury section is designed to provide coverage for injuries incurred accidentally whilst playing, training, officiating and administering rugby.

The following circumstances and injuries are not included under the programme:

  • aggravations of pre-existing injuries or physical or congenital conditions
  • a sexually transmitted disease, AIDS, HIV, childbirth or pregnancy
  • engaging in air travel except as a passenger in any properly licensed aircraft
  • effects of alcohol and/or drugs not prescribed by a medical practitioner
  • deliberately self-inflicted injury or suicide
  • war, invasion or acts of foreign enemies etc.
  • any heat-stroke, sickness or disease and/or cardiac or pulmonary or cerebrovascular incident notwithstanding that such incident may have been caused by or induced by or accelerated by Injury
  • any act of Terrorism
  • any reoccurring injury of any kind. Although an injury may appear to have resolved, where an Insured Person suffers a recurrence or aggravation injury whilst playing rugby, the claim will be generally excluded in full.

Public liability insurance provides protection for clubs and associations should something go wrong involving a third party. Claims of personal injury or property damage can be incredibly expensive. Even if you're not at fault, you may still incur considerable legal costs while defending yourself. Public liability insurance safeguards your club by providing protection against such claims, including legal defence costs.

Loss includes, but is not limited to:

  • Damages
  • Judgments
  • Settlements
  • Costs
  • Defence Costs

A Loss must arise out of an insured's "Sporting Activities". "Sporting Activities" means —

  • The activities of a club, association, or other insured entity playing or administering Rugby.
  • It includes all official activities connected with the sport including club social and fund raising activities.
  • It does not include the activities of a licensed club. "Licensed Club" means a commercial premises with liquor license used by members and guests. A clubhouse or sports pavilion with a liquor license will not be deemed a licensed club.
  • It includes the hiring or leasing out of club premises to a third party subject to the conditions outlined here.

Please note: This policy only provides limited cover for the actual participation by a person in Rugby or training for Rugby and where the injury or damage is caused or allegedly caused by another participant.

For clarification, please contact the Gallagher Sport team.

Professional Indemnity covers Rugby Australia accredited coaches and officials against legal and associated costs that may arise in the case of an accusation of negligent acts, errors or omissions.

This section excludes claims arising from a player against a player however persons coaching, refereeing, officiating or supervising Rugby or training for Rugby are afforded coverage under this section for actions taken against them by players.

Please note: the Professional Indemnity policy is a claims made policy. This means that the policy indemnifies for claims first made against you and notified to the Insurer during the period of insurance.

It is therefore extremely important that notification is given immediately to the Gallagher Sports team or the Insurer as soon as you are aware of any circumstance that may lead to a claim.

Coverage for the Club, its Directors and Officers for any wrongful act whilst carrying out their duties on behalf of the club. Please speak to Rugby Australia for a copy of this policy.

Additional coverages available

Property Insurance provides cover for your clubhouse and equipment. We can arrange tailored insurance for risks commonly faced by clubs. Common coverage requests include:

  • Buildings (Owned and/or under lease, hire or contractual arrangements)
  • Sporting clubhouses
  • Grandstands
  • Garages and equipment sheds
  • Removal of debris following a claim
  • Club plant, machinery, contents and stock
  • Uniforms/training kits
  • Stock (including merchandise, canteen supplies)
  • Sporting equipment
  • Furniture
  • Office equipment and computers
  • Ground maintenance and line marking equipment
  • High valued medical equipment (excluding consumables)
  • Property and tools of directors and employees
  • Electronic equipment

Please speak to the Gallagher Sports team for more information.

For events and matches outside the approved competition, capacity exists to extend cover to special events on a one off or short term basis.

Insurance coverage can be arranged for the event organiser under the National Rugby Insurance Injury and Liability Insurance plan for Rugby Union events, tournaments, and matches that fall outside of the regular annual Rugby Australia competition pre-season trials, inter association and/or other representative matches/programs.

  1. The application for insurance cover is subject to the event being sanctioned by Rugby Australia, via the relevant Member Union have the authority to sanction events, tournaments and matches which are conducted within their respective jurisdictions).
  2. To apply for Special Events insurance please click on the relevant section below applying to the (to you, your club, body or group) event organiser for next steps;

To apply for Special Events insurance please speak to the Gallagher Sports team.

For teams travelling overseas on rugby tours, it is recommended that players, coaches and officials consider taking out travel insurance. Travel Insurance policies typically provide medical expense coverage as well as cover for baggage, money, loss of deposits, cancellation of travel, emergency assistance and repatriation. When purchasing travel insurance, it is important the policy does not exclude injuries arising from training or playing rugby.

Please speak to the Gallagher Sports team for more information.

Special consideration should be given with regards to players who are not residents of Australia and playing for your club. Although they will be eligible for claims under the Non-Medicare Medical Expense section of the Rugby Australia insurance program, they may not be covered (depending on their individual circumstances) under Medicare, potentially leading to uninsured and/or non recoverable medical expenses.

Overseas players not entitled to Medicare should consider appropriate travel insurance before travelling to Australia or take-out private health insurance whilst in Australia tailored for non-residents. Some of the Private Health Funds offer cover for overseas residents, information can be found on their websites.

Please speak to the Gallagher Sports team for more information.

Benefits for Rugby Australia members

  • Peace of Mind — knowing that comprehensive insurance coverage is in place allowing you to focus on your passion for rugby without unnecessary worries about potential financial liabilities.
  • Tailored Solutions — we partner with Rugby Australia to tailor insurance solutions that align with the unique needs of the rugby community.
  • Inclusivity — the insurance program includes coverage for all facets of rugby including participation, promotion and organisation.
  • Claims Support — in the event of a claim, our claims experts will guide and support you through the claims process.

Certificate of Currency

To obtain a Certificate of Currency, please speak to the Gallagher Sports team.

Make a Claim

To make a Personal Injury related claim, please follow the steps below.

If you wish to make a claim or notify an incident for General Liability, Professional Indemnity or Management Liability, please contact Gallagher Sports Team.


1 Complete the Rugby Australia Injury Report form and select 'Yes' to Make Insurance Claim. Please note players participating in School based competitions are not eligible to make an insurance claim.


Confirmation of your injury report form submission will be sent via email to the relevant Club/School/Union/Event contact.


SLE (The Claims Manager) will provide instructions on how to complete the claim lodgement to the players email address noted in the Injury Report form.


SLE (The Claims Manager) will contact you for more information if necessary. Depending on the nature of the claim, this may include:

  • Club Secretary Declaration
  • Employer Declaration
  • Medical Certificate(s)


If your claim is approved, Payment or Payments will be made via EFT to your nominated bank account.

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Related information

The following documents are provided for ease of reference and include important information regarding the Rugby Australia Insurance Program. We encourage all insured parties to download and review them.