Creating a safe and respectful work environment is not only crucial for the wellbeing of every employee but not doing so can have serious legal implications for businesses and individuals. The exposure can be immense, and a business' best protection is prevention through education and training.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment and bullying and harassment continue to be significant issues in workplaces worldwide. It is essential to address these concerns head-on and cultivate a workplace culture that values respect, empathy and equality.

Why it's important to act now

On the 6th March 2023, the Fair Work Act has been amended to prohibit sexual harassment in connection with work. These changes can mean that failing to proactively prevent sexual harassment can lead to severe consequences for both the organisation and individuals.

Read more about this legislative change.

Empowering organisations and individuals

Gallagher's Workplace behaviours awareness training raises understanding about workplace bullying and harassment, empowering individuals and organisations to take a stand against these detrimental behaviours.

Bullying and harassment doesn't just affect those involved, the wider workplace can also feel the impacts through:

  • Lost productivity
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Poor morale
  • Time/cost spent documenting, pursuing or defending claims.

By understanding the impact through scenarios and case studies and promoting strategies to combat them, your leaders and employees will walk away armed with the knowledge and skills to recognise, prevent and respond to incidents.

Bullying and harassment claims are estimated to cost Australian organisations between $6 billion and $36 billion a year.1

Program overview

To support your business in understanding, identifying, resolving and most importantly preventing bullying and harassment, Gallagher can offer a short in-person training program in your workplace.

Our course is facilitated by our expert team and is developed to engage participants, with a series of scenarios, interactive discussions and Q&As to give participants the confidence to manage any future situations, all in a single two hour session.

Who's it for?

To simplify the experience, our employee session covers everything you need to know about workplace bullying and harassment, and includes a focus on sexual harassment in light of new legislation.

Our leadership session includes everything from our standard session with additional focus regarding liability and responsibility.

Program topics

  • Sexual harassment and the law, identifying behaviours and their impact
  • Bullying in the workplace, what it is and what to do
  • Impacts of workplace behaviours on individuals and businesses
  • Scenarios and case studies

How Gallagher can help

Gallagher can provide training in your workplace so that your leaders and employees will walk away armed with the knowledge and skills to recognise, prevent, and respond to incidents.

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1Australian Human Rights Commission, 'Good Practice, Good Business - Workplace Bullying'

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