What is commercial property insurance?

Commercial property and building insurance is cover designed to protect against risk for your business property, plant, equipment and more, should damage or a disaster occur.

Do I need commercial property insurance?

In a market experiencing intense competition against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, property insurance is entering a period of 'managed change.' We are now seeing a tightening of premiums, ending an historic trend of reducing premiums, and also increased scrutiny on complex claims. Poor investment returns, growing competition and claims deterioration are leading insurers to be more risk averse and adopt a number of strategies to protect their profit margins.

What does commercial property insurance cover?

Through our close working relationships with insurer partners, we are working together with clients to navigate the new market norm. We also have a strong track record with claims advocacy which can be a significant value-add in the event of a complex claim where you need the support of a specialist team.

Our advice is based on practical, proven knowledge of the needs and a deep understanding of the challenges with property insurance. As always in insurance, relationships and information are critical to success.

Why choose Gallagher

  • Local expertise, global strength
  • Priority claims service to support and guide you if something does go wrong
  • Specialists that get to know your business
  • Extensive branch network to help you wherever you are based

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