Climate and Sustainability risks are increasing the complexity and cost of insurance coverage while necessitating greater risk management and adaptation efforts by businesses.

Gallagher is here to collaborate with you to develop solutions that enhance business resilience and safeguard the long-term viability of your risk financing strategies including insurance. We offer comprehensive Climate and Sustainability Resiliency consulting services tailored specifically for Australian businesses. With a deep understanding of local challenges and a commitment to driving positive change, we are dedicated to helping organisations build resilience and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The true measure of sustainability lies in how resilient a system, community or environment is in the face of various stressors, whether they be environmental, regulatory, economic, or social.

A holistic offering to empower your business climate and sustainability resilience

The reality is undeniable: most businesses, now or eventually, will find their physical assets and supply chains exposed to climate change and sustainability-related risks. With our clients facing heightened exposure to extreme weather, the challenges of transitioning to a low carbon economy, and emerging sustainability legislation globally, the imperative to prioritise climate and sustainability risk resilience has never been more critical. Our Climate and Sustainability Resiliency team is at the forefront, guiding our clients toward a future that is not just sustainable, but financially resilient. Offering expert advisory services, we equip our clients with bespoke strategies to navigate and capitalise on the evolving landscape of climate risks and opportunities.

We focus on aligning business strategies to proactively prepare for evolving regulatory mandates, voluntary disclosures and related ESG (Environment Social Governance) requirements. We offer solutions for both quantitative and qualitative requirements of climate and sustainability risks.

In a continually impactful world of weather-driven hazardous events, we produce risk analytics to support clients' underwriting information needs for current and future time horizons.

Utilising Gallagher's natural catastrophe and climate change services modelling provides you with the information and tools to strengthen your insurance program and your organisation's ongoing resilience.

Our consultancy services for natural disaster and climate change risk provide comprehensive risk analysis, including modeling for hazards, catastrophes, and climate change, assessments of vulnerability, and evaluations of potential losses due to catastrophes.

  • Natural hazard and climate change exposure analysis: Our analysis provides an overview of exposure to natural hazard and climate change, and aggregation. This analysis can also be extended to access routes, customers, and suppliers.
  • Natural catastrophe loss modelling: how material is my exposure? Our natural catastrophe loss modeling is a data-driven and analytical approach used to assess and quantify the potential financial impacts of natural disasters and extreme events.
  • Climate change physical risk analysis for climate change reporting (TCFD / ISSB Aligned): Our Climate Change Physical Risk Analysis supports transparency, informed decision-making, risk management, and long-term resilience building.
  • Supply chain natural hazard and climate change physical risk assessment. Our supply chain risk assessment helps our clients' businesses identify vulnerabilities and develop strategies to mitigate disruptions with respect to physical risks associated with natural hazards and climate change.
  • Scenario analysis for climate change reporting: Our scenario analysis empowers companies to proactively address evolving threats and opportunities. We consider various climate scenarios, plan for adaptation, and make informed decisions.
  • Due Diligence climate change and natural hazard risk reports: These reports enhance the sustainability of insurance programs by ensuring that new acquisitions are well-informed about potential risks. Using this proactive approach will reduce the likelihood of costly surprises and promote long-term stability in the insurance coverage for these assets, benefiting both clients and insurers.

Gallagher offers a sustainability risk assessment service designed for businesses of all sizes to help them navigate the complexities of sustainability, including supply chain practices and stakeholder relationships.

We go beyond ESG scores and traditional risk management approaches. Our sustainability risk assessment provides valuable insights for informed decision-making in relevant risk mitigation strategies.

ESG / Sustainability Risk identification and mitigation: A Gallagher sustainability risk assessment helps identify and understand potential sustainability related risks that could impact your operations. Proactive risk mitigation reduces the likelihood of incidents and losses, resulting in more competitive insurance terms and premiums.

Insurance and finance cost reduction: Demonstrating strong sustainability risk practices can lead to lower finance costs and improved terms. Insurers may offer discounts or risk management credits to businesses with robust ESG management systems.


Webinar: ESG Risks Unveiled

We explore the misconceptions surrounding ESG risks and the essential role of ESG governance.

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We comprehensively assess an asset's resilience to current and potential future climate changes, including supply chain considerations and due diligence. Our Climate and Sustainability Risk Resiliency Service enables us to conduct thorough reviews of natural hazards and climate change exposure for your supply chain.
Sophie Griffin, Head of Climate and Sustainability, Gallagher

Facilitating your journey to a sustainable future

With Australia's ever-changing climate and ESG risk landscape, we help clients and insurers understand these risks and strengthen business resilience. We go beyond traditional risk management approaches or simple ESG scores to provide insights to make informed decisions for relevant risk mitigation strategies.

Leveraging a global knowledge base and strategic partnerships, our Climate and Sustainability team ensures that clients are knowledgeable about regulatory changes, best practices and market trends to tailor their pathway through the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Our sustainability risk assessment aids compliance with environmental and social regulations, reducing the risk of legal liabilities and associated insurance claims. Our assessments align with standards like Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB), Task Force of Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), World Economic Forum ESG Metrics and Global Reporting

Why choose Gallagher

  • Help clients navigate the shift to a more resilient future
  • Form climate view of risk with our in-house catastrophe modelling
  • Leverage global resources to deliver bespoke solutions that manage risk
  • Use carbon portfolio benchmarking tool to empower clients

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