Your assets. Your choice.

These days, everyone is aware of how important it is to have a current will in place. However, estate planning doesn't begin and end with a will.

An effective estate plan will capture your wishes and provide peace of mind for your future. It can include a number of crucial documents, such as:

  • A will
  • An enduring power of attorney
  • An enduring power of guardianship
  • An anticipatory direction
  • A superannuation nomination

75% of Aussies don't have a valid estate plan in place.

While many assume that estate planning is exclusively for the wealthy, Aussies forget that accumulated assets and associated disputes happen at all layers of society.

In fact, a common dilemma among many families is deciding how to leave a fair inheritance for each of their children. While parents wish to be fair to each of their children, the division of assets can be quite tricky to navigate.

That's why we turn a once long, expensive and complex procedure into a simple and streamlined process. Our expert advisers determine the most appropriate way to structure your personal and financial affairs so you are able to ensure your assets are distributed the way you want them to be when you are no longer around to enjoy them.

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