Gallagher is the preferred insurance broker for Iyengar Yoga Association (IYA) members. We are pleased to offer our range of competitive insurance products tailored to protect yourself, your students and your yoga studio.

With the risks associated with running a yoga business, we are committed to making sure you have the right insurance coverage. That's why we've tailored an insurance policy that suits the needs of your profession and allows you to benefit from the convenience of having your Professional Indemnity and Public Liability policies combined.

Our dedicated team will work with you to provide access to insurance solutions that provide the appropriate level of cover for your business, supported by our outstanding service. Our insurance policies are affordable and easy to access all whilst providing you with the right cover and if needed, the flexibility to offer additional options.

Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance protects your livelihood and your reputation, providing cover for what you do in your profession. If someone takes legal action against you after you have provided a professional treatment or advice, your professional indemnity policy provides a range of covers that includes legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury to third parties or damage to their property, and financial loss arising out of any act, error or omission on your part.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance is recommended for all businesses that interact with the public, even in small ways. No business is without some degree of risk. Protect yourself, your staff and members of the public by ensuring you're covered for financial loss if a third party seeks compensation from you for a negligent action.

The benefits of working with a Gallagher insurance broker

Having an insurance broker help you understand your business risks and the types of cover you need can provide many advantages, including:

Access to a greater choice of insurers than you can find by yourself.

A broker may be able to negotiate for more advantageous terms or scope of cover through their relationships with insurers.

Comprehensive coverage
A broker may be aware of risks in your operations that you don't realise or may have overlooked.

Industry knowledge
A specialist in your industry sector who often has greater depth of knowledge of the potential risks involved.

We take the time to understand your insurance needs. We pride ourselves on our claims performance, guiding and supporting clients in achieving an optimal outcome.

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Why choose Gallagher

  • Comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to the unique needs of yoga professionals
  • Extensive branch network to help you wherever you are based
  • Priority claims service to support and guide you if something goes wrong