Aussies regret not investing enough, or investing in the wrong things.

We believe that formulating and implementing the most effective financial planning strategy is of paramount importance in achieving your long-term goals and objectives. And at the heart of any strategic financial plan is a robust investment portfolio.

While investment markets are the primary drivers of investment performance, experienced active managers can deliver additional out-performance. That's why we aim to build cost-effective and well-diversified portfolios, which rely on a combination of market and active management returns over the longer term.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Research has found that many advised investors feel more confident in their future, have greater knowledge about investing, and typically have a more balanced portfolio than DIY investors.*

At Gallagher, we're here to discover your relationship between risk and reward, teach you about the importance of diversification, rebalance your portfolio when appropriate, and guide you through the ups and downs of the investment world.

So whether you've recently reached a financial goal and are wanting to take the 'next step', beginning a new stage in your life, or simply seeking help with a specific financial decision, we can help you build a personalised investment portfolio that is aligned with your needs and life goals.

*Source: Legg Mason Global Investment Survey 2018

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