Workers Compensation Insurance

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Employers/ businesses are required to have workers compensation insurance to cover employees, and themselves, for work related injury or sickness.

Businesses in 'risk states and territories' of Canberra (ACT), Tasmania, Western Australia (WA) or the Northern Territory (NT) have flexibility to choose a workers compensation solution - and Gallagher brokers can help by providing advice and options for workers compensation insurance, negotiate key coverage and competitive terms. In other locations, workers compensation insurance is available through a mandated provider for each individual state and not available through brokers.

Workers compensation includes payments to employees to cover their:

  • Wages while they're not fit for work - income replacement,
  • Medical expenses and rehabilitation,
  • Support may include one-off lump sum payments and support for workers to return to work.

Workers Compensation Specialist Services

The cost of an injured employee involves far more than an insurance payout, overall productivity suffers, and subsequent premiums will increase. We are here to help you with workers compensation and workplace analysis, to make your overall business safer and reduce risk.

As workers compensation programs increase in complexity, we bring the leverage of a global broker with innovative-minded service. We work to fully understand your industry, company and the intricacies of workers compensation across the various states and territories.

We apply our technical expertise to analyse workers compensation performance and risks, determine areas for improvement, and provide regular forecasting to assist budgeting and cash flow, and help organisations achieve savings on premium.

We also act as an employer advocate, helping you to navigate the often complex and technical claims and injury management process to provide effective and efficient resolution.

Gallagher works in partnership with you to ensure the best practice management of your workers compensation program in all states and territories and is able to offer complete end-to-end consulting service through our injury management, early intervention and education and training programs.

Expertise to support businesses across all sectors

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced workers compensation consultants with a proven track record in reducing claims and premium cost. Our team partners with our brokers, clients and specialist placement teams within Gallagher to set strategic direction, and to monitor and achieve targets that will reduce costs.

Our key approach to working with our clients is to focus on problem solving and developing specific solutions. Our expertise ranges from workers compensation policy placement, to claim and injury management solutions. Through our tightly monitored processes, we are able to influence the program rating to ensure outcomes that will reflect premium savings by reducing claims incurred, managing insurer and regulator relationships for favourable terms where possible.

We offer a range of specialised programs and tools to support your workers compensation needs.


Education & Training

We run a popular workshop series online and face-to-face across Australia.

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