Understanding your people.

Are your employees engaged and committed? Are they proudly promoting your organisation?

Do you understand your target audience in order to increase sales conversion, optimise client experience and strengthen client retention? Are your customers loyal followers of your brand?

Unlocking key experience drivers provides the clarity you need to make data driven decisions that deliver commercial results.

We help you to leverage people analytics to:

  1. Improve Employee Engagement & Productivity
  2. Increase Customer Loyalty and Spend

Connecting your people.

Our PhD or Master's qualified consultants combine their deep operational and leadership experience with leading technology to create customised surveys. These provide the insights that drive actionable improvements.

Our results speak for themselves:

  • 75%+ response rate. Targeted communications strategies, mobile optimisation and intelligent survey design enable broader survey reach and increased participation.
  • Our employee experience management programs have resulted in year on year employee engagement increase of at least 5% p.a.

Our Experience Management services include:

  • Employee Engagement & Experience Surveys
  • Customer Experience Surveys
  • Employee Onboarding & Exit surveys
  • Pulse Surveys
  • People Analytics & Data Insights
  • Action Prioritisation & Planning
  • Culture Alignment


It's something all companies strive for.

We help you build a better workplace that fosters better performance. Gallagher Better Works℠ is how we do this.

With a focus on three key areas — Physical & Emotional, Career, and Financial Wellbeing — we help to optimise your organisation's wellbeing for greater productivity, profitability and growth.

Because your best may be finite but your better is never finished.

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