Agriculture insurance to help you grow

Australian agriculture is a diverse industry, with farming coming in all shapes and sizes. The sector includes large-scale commercial farms, family-owned operations, and small-scale niche producers. It is an industry that is constantly evolving, with new technologies and practices being adopted to improve efficiency and sustainability.

We protect you against potential losses

The agricultural industry is exposed to a variety of perils, many of which are natural perils that have low frequency but high severity. These include floods, fires, severe storms, hail and cyclones. Climate risk is also increasing the frequency and severity of these natural perils, which is why it is increasingly important to have adequate risk management and insurance in place.

The insurance market for agriculture in Australia is limited, with only a small number of insurers offering a limited range of products. This makes it essential to deal with an insurance broker who understands the risks and the market.

At Gallagher, we understand the importance of protecting our clients against potential losses. With our extensive branch network and specialist expertise, we are well placed to help you navigate the insurance market and find the right insurance solutions for your specific needs.

Our acquisition of AgriRisk has further strengthened our position as a specialist in insurance for agricultural businesses. AgriRisk is a highly respected provider of insurance solutions to the agriculture industry, with a deep understanding of the unique risks that farmers face.

Why choose Gallagher and AgriRisk

  • One of the largest portfolios of farm, crop, plantation and parametric insurance in Australia
  • Access to most of the major farm insurers and specialist crop, plantation and parametric Insurers in Australia
  • More than 30 years' experience in the Agribusiness sector so we understand your business and the risks you face
  • Brokers who are part of your local community with over 30 branches across Australia and a strong regional presence in farming communities
  • Backed by the international scope of a global business

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