Agriculture insurance to help you grow

Agriculture is one of the most important industries in Australia. It is one of the foundations that Australia is built on and touches all walks of life. From hobby farming to larger businesses, those in the agriculture industry embody the spirit of mateship, hard work and determination.

Such a vital industry needs the right protection. Farm insurance is an integral foundation for your business and, while it might not be the most interesting subject, could be the difference between your businesses surviving a difficult road ahead.

The risks you face

Sadly, the risks facing the agricultural industry extend well beyond the farm gate. We pride ourselves on making sure we keep you and your business safe, should the worst happen, and will work with you to try and prepare for some of the biggest risks you face to help you avoid down-time which could cripple your business.

We see insurance as much more than a piece of paper you rely on if something goes wrong. Ideally, we want to help your business avoid losses before having to go through a claim. As risk managers, we can work with you to make sure your business is as prepared as it can be to face the difficulties that lie ahead and prepare for the opportunities that are on the horizon.

Weather Index Insurance

A new way to safeguard your crop revenue

Weather Index insurance is designed to protect you from adverse weather events when your crop is most susceptible. For broadacre growers this might be protecting against frost at flowering or wet weather at harvest.

Click below to view the demo of weather index insurance technology, and to find out how it could help assist your agribusiness.


Why choose Gallagher

  • Agricultural experts who understand your business and the risks you face including our industry speciality team of Gallagher AgriRisk
  • Brokers who are part of your local community with over 30 branches across Australia and a strong regional presence in farming communities
  • Risk services for a range of farming activities from small family businesses to large scale commercial agribusinesses
  • Backed by the international scope of a multi-national business to get you the best deal
  • There when you need us most with a dedicated claims team

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