We've been a proud partner of the Australian Fertiliser Services Association (AFSA) for almost 30 years. Our expert insurance brokers work closely with AFSA to develop risk management strategy and a fertiliser industry insurance solution.

Specialist fertiliser industry insurance: helping your business grow

If you work in the fertiliser industry Gallagher can help your business. Whether your needs are specific to the transport, storage or use of fertiliser, or the machinery employed in fertiliser application, we are insurance experts and can help.

As the endorsed insurance broker of AFSA, we can be relied on to advise you in the best interests of your business and look beyond price alone to provide optimum insurance cover and a high level of service. Our clients include professionals from all facets of the fertiliser industry, from manufacturing to distribution, sales to storage, transportation to spread, as well as consultants.

We'll help to identify and measure your risks so we can prescribe the best way to mitigate them. We'll then provide you with a tailored fertiliser insurance solution that delivers your business, premises, farm, garage or depot with protection you need to safeguard your livelihood and progress your business.