Gallagher film and TV production insurance experts have the experience, knowledge and global relationships to consult and cover all aspects of the entertainment industry.

The world of film and television production is a captivating industry that brings stories to life. However, behind the glitz and glamour, there are a number of risks and uncertainties that can jeopardise a production. This is where film and TV production insurance plays a pivotal role. In Australia, a country renowned for its thriving film and TV industry, having comprehensive insurance coverage is essential to safeguard your investments, protect assets and mitigate potential losses.

At Gallagher, we offer comprehensive insurance solutions designed specifically for the film and TV industry. Our expertise in this sector allows us to understand the risks associated with the production, distribution and exhibition of content. Whether you are a production company, a film crew or a content creator, we have the right insurance solutions to protect your operations.

Specialised cover for Australian productions

Film and television productions are complex endeavours involving large budgets, intricate logistics, and a multitude of stakeholders. With such complexity, risks are inherent. From unexpected weather conditions and location mishaps to technical failures and accidents, there are numerous unforeseen circumstances that can disrupt or even halt a production.

As experts in the Australian film and TV industry, we understand the unique requirements and regulations specific to this market. We can assist your production in fulfilling local insurance requirements which may qualify as QAPE for government incentives and funding programs.

Our specialised coverage offering can provide your production with full protection options that are compliant with local industry standards. We offer a range of coverage options tailored to the unique needs of the film and TV industry including:

Production and Picture Vehicles: Coverage for picture vehicles in front of the camera, as well as production vehicles behind the camera. Our solution includes cover for motor homes, caravans, trucks and buses.

Australian Producer Offset: Wherever applicable, we can assist your production to fulfil local requirements for insurance services to be included in your QAPE.

Accident and Health: We can tailor a range of Accident and Health policies to your production and requirements, with bespoke coverage to insure cast, participants, crew, staff, contractors, consultants and volunteers.

Film Production Package: Comprehensive and highly customisable coverage designed for risks unique to Film/TV productions, including Film Producers Indemnity, Content Media (Negative), Extra Expense, Production Property and Public Liability.

Errors and Omissions: Specific to Film and TV, Errors and Omissions (E&O) provides cover for claims or suits involving libel, slander, defamation, plagiarism, breach of copyright, invasion of privacy, theft of rights etc. including legal expenses to defend such claims.

Cyber Insurance: Safeguards against data breaches, cyber attacks, and loss of digital assets, ensuring the security and integrity of your sensitive information and media files.

Ensuring compliance and enhancing industry reputation

Aside from protecting investments and mitigating risks, film and TV production insurance also plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with various industry standards and regulations. Many stakeholders, including financiers, distributors, and government agencies, require productions to have adequate insurance coverage as a prerequisite for involvement.

Insurance coverage not only provides a safety net for unforeseen circumstances but also demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and risk management. It reassures investors and stakeholders that the production is well-prepared and financially protected, enhancing its credibility and reputation within the industry.

Who we work with

We work with all aspects of the TV and film industry. We are proudly providing our broking services to some of the best and brightest film, TV and media groups in Australia.

Moreover, we have extensive experience working with international productions, assisting overseas filmmakers to navigate the local insurance landscape.

Local presence, global reach

With over 95 years of experience, we understand the risks and challenges faced by businesses in this dynamic sector. Our dedicated Film and TV team comprises industry specialists with extensive knowledge and expertise, ensuring that we deliver tailored insurance coverage to protect your assets, projects and people.

As part of a global network, we have the resources and relationships to support your insurance requirements domestically and abroad. Whether you are shooting on location in Australia or taking your production overseas, we can ensure compliance with local insurance regulations and provide seamless coverage.

Safeguard your investments, assets and creative vision

Film and TV production insurance is an essential aspect of the filmmaking process. It safeguards against risks, provides financial stability, and ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations. Our insurance brokers can help provide the coverage to protect investments, assets, and personnel, allowing you to focus on bringing your creative vision to life.

Why choose Gallagher

  • A team of industry specialists with vast experience and knowledge in the film and TV industry.
  • Comprehensive range of solutions to protect your business, people and assets.
  • Global network of resources and relationships.
  • Commitment to excellence and a dedicated claims team.

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