"Data are not just numbers, but a powerful tool to accelerate business performance" says Dr. Scott Krebs, Gallagher Head of HR and People Experience Consulting on his approach to business improvement. This data-driven strategy is at the core of Scott's philosophy in his 20 plus years as an executive psychologist and business leader.

Accelerating business performance

Scott's unwavering commitment to his clients' success is evident in the results he and his team delivers. His ability to optimise workforces and devise practical solutions has garnered praise from satisfied clients.

After spending over 10 years in research, focusing on leadership and performance, Scott moved out of academia and spent over 10 years working in consulting and senior leadership roles in corporates where employee experience, culture, change management, leadership and team development was his focus.

In 2017 Scott co-founded Effectus Consulting as a solution to on-demand HR and consulting needs. "From over-the-phone industrial relation guidance, all the way up to strategic people and culture advisory at an exec level. When business' needed advice or extra HR support, we were there."

In 2021, Effectus Consulting joined the Gallagher group of companies, building our capability to better serve our clients and partners. In Australia, Gallagher's Benefits & HR Consulting operation brings together employee benefits, corporate superannuation, financial wellbeing, people experience and engagement, and of course HR consulting to empower employees to make the best decisions for their health, wealth and future.

Taking the pulse on employee wellbeing

Earlier this year, Scott and his team published the second annual Workforce Trends Report: Workplace Wellbeing index, Australia's largest study on employee wellbeing and the impact on business performance.

"I couldn't be prouder of the team for their remarkable dedication and expertise in developing such a comprehensive report. Their efforts have transformed raw data into invaluable insights, shedding light on the growing risk low wellbeing has on the Australian workforce."

With the report being included as part of the curriculum at The University of Queensland, it is already having an impact on the Australian landscape.

"What the report does a great job of, in my opinion, is provide business leaders with practical takeaways from the survey results" says Scott, referencing the over 2,600 participants that took part. In May 2023, The Australian, featured the report, highlighting the opportunity organisations have to attract and retain workers and the shift in expectations from employees in a tight labour market.

The business performance people

"I see ourselves as the Business Performance People" describes Scott, elaborating "it's about strengthening business and reducing people risk, accelerating performance, and supporting the wellbeing of people."

With his specialist knowledge in attraction and selection, psychometric and talent assessment and development, workplace wellbeing, employee experience and executive coaching, Scott has been working with business' to deliver pragmatic and fit for purpose solutions when it comes to optimising their workforce.

At Gallagher we believe that enabling your people to be better, means your business can start achieving its best. Scott summarises simply as — "If you want to harness employee wellbeing and optimise the ROI on your people strategy we can help."

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