Our Workforce Trends Report is the most extensive study in Australia that examines the impact of employee wellbeing on business performance outcomes.

Now in its second year, it continues to provide a comprehensive snapshot of what is driving the attraction and retention of employees, and how organisations can compete in this challenging market.

Lead researcher Dr. James Allen, spoke to The Australian1, about the findings which saw a drop in employees experiencing high workplace wellbeing. Since last year employees' wellbeing dropped from 52 per cent to 48 per cent, with only one-third of businesses listening to feedback on wellbeing and bringing about change. Another third are listening and not effecting change, and one-third are not even listening.

Allen says it's important for companies to survey and gather information and views from employees but it is also vital for employees to see real action based on that data.

They need to be able to really create feedback mechanisms, listening strategies with their employees so that they can collect meaningful and valid data that allows them to really understand where the pain points are for their workforce, and then use that to really inform meaningful and targeted action.

There is now an opportunity for organisations to take a genuine interest in staff wellbeing and deliver an impact beyond the bottom line, and a comprehensive view on the Australian workforce is a great place to start.

Workforce Trends Report: Now bigger, and more comprehensive

Since 2022 we've grown our sample size to over 2,600 participants, making the survey the largest of its type in Australia to provide businesses with relevant insights across a range of industries and demographics.

In it we examine the key trends shaping Australian workplace wellbeing:

  • Organisations must look beyond just salary and perks to attract and retain top talent.
  • Employees' wellbeing is still low and presents a growing risk for organisations.
  • Understanding the employee experience is important but taking focused and deliberate action is critical.


1Trinca, Helen 'Gallagher research finds workers want more than a good salary', The Australia, May 2, 2023