"My passion has always been in the people experience, and tying that with real business outcomes based on real data."

Having received his doctorate from the University of Queensland Dr. James Allen is no stranger to identifying innovative yet pragmatic solutions to complex business problems.

Throughout his career, James has worked closely with executives to deliver tangible business outcomes, across a range of disciplines including talent management, leadership development, organisational culture, diversity and inclusion, and workplace wellbeing.

An annual undertaking

Now in its second year, our annual Workforce Trends Report: Workplace Wellbeing index, was an exciting undertaking for James and the team. On top of growing the survey group from 1,600 to over 2,600 employees, the question set was expanded to provide a more comprehensive view of the employment landscape.

"We included additional industry breakdowns, a division between public, private and not-for-profit sectors and most interestingly we've included questions addressing Employee Value Proposition (EVP)" says James.

Employee Value Proposition

In an increasingly competitive talent market, many organisations are turning their attention to their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) as a way to better find and keep top talent.

It's the give and get between an employer and its people, what they're promising to attract and retain their employees. At Gallagher, we break it down as:

  1. Remuneration and benefits
  2. Meaningful work
  3. Safety, health and wellbeing
  4. Ways of working
  5. Growth opportunity
  6. Leadership
  7. People and culture
  8. Purpose and brand

"EVP may be the trending topic around attraction and retention these days, but its impact can be truly significant. A company that understands its employees, can deliver a truly relevant offering and maintains its promise will stand out from its competitors."

The value of taking action

As a highly accomplished executive psychologist with over 18 years of experience in private and public organisations, James has plenty of insights about how organisations go about delivering transformational change in challenging business environments.

"They need to be able to really create feedback mechanisms, listening strategies with their employees so that they can collect meaningful and valid data that allows them to really understand where the pain points are for their workforce, and then use that to really inform meaningful and targeted action."

But it's not just about gathering data, James stresses "(They) need to think beyond just the collection and gathering of that feedback to what is the strategy around how are they going to act and follow through."

If you're part of a business looking at implementing or optimising their employee experience survey findings connect with us today.

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