Gallagher entertainment insurance experts have the experience, knowledge and global relationships to consult and cover all aspects of the entertainment industry.

Insurance coverage for the future of the entertainment industry

The entertainment business is undergoing rapid change. As consumers now have the power to watch movies from their phones while streaming news on their desktops, the industry has more opportunities and faces entirely new risk profiles. Gallagher is ready to help our clients navigate through this new world with confidence.

Keeping the business of entertainment running

A million things can go wrong in the creation of content. From personnel to equipment to exposure to weather, it's essential to have insurance programs that take into account these complexities to keep production up and running. Gallagher is a leader in all aspects of entertainment insurance. Our approach guards our clients from the unknown risks and potential exposures associated with motion picture, film and television production.

Anticipating risks in the entertainment industry

Gallagher understands how overlapping risks impact all stages of production. Our knowledge of the entertainment insurance and risk management industry allows us to anticipate and discover gaps in coverage that shield against loss and protect staff and intellectual property. We build a strong web of coverage for pre-production, production, post-production and release.

Entertainment insurance package — coverage from cast to gear

We have worked with all aspects of the entertainment industry, from small and medium-sized productions locally in Canada to Academy Award® major award winners and Golden Globe® winners. As a result, our team has extensive knowledge of the entertainment business as well as issues such as the #metoo movement and climate change and, most importantly, how they affect production and coverage. This experience enables us to use insurance as a strategic tool to influence all projects and bottom lines positively.

We work with all aspects of the entertainment industry:

  • Motion picture and television production
  • Theatrical producers and performing arts venues
  • Sports and live events
  • Photography
  • Advertising wrap-ups
  • Digital media content creation and distribution
  • Symphony and ballet
  • Film and theatre festivals

Photography insurance coverage through Gallagher Media PhotoPac

For more than 40 years, we have been covering the unique needs of photographers in Canada. Through our online portal, we can provide competitive and customized global coverages that include professional liability extensions, blanket coverages and rental equipment coverages. Learn more about Media PhotoPac — our specialty insurance coverage for photographers — and request a quote.

A team of entertainment specialists

Our entertainment insurance and risk management practice works internationally in every media-rich region, including New York, Toronto, Silicon Valley, the UK, Qingdao, Australia and New Zealand. Our experience and insight allow us to create customized, comprehensive and competitive insurance programs for all stages of production through release. We provide you with the following:

  • Claims advocacy — we work directly with carriers to advocate for you throughout the claims process. We're the only major brokerage to do so.
  • Flexible approach — we can examine all aspects of production and bring together multiple lines of coverage to build programs that specifically meet your needs, including:
    • Production coverage protection
    • Production coverage and solutions
    • Private client services
  • International standards — our global network ensures our clients are in compliance with local insurance requirements, both domestically and abroad, for tax incentive programs.

Entertainment Industry Insurance Summary

  • All areas of entertainment risk: actors, weather, physical structure, streaming
  • Presence in all major entertainment hubs
  • Strong relationships with all major carriers for better claims management
  • Breadth of coverage options

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