Gallagher’s solutions are driven by data and insights. Proprietary analytics, benchmarking and measurement processes bring real-world data into focus, so that you can make strategic decisions about your benefits plan, your future and the needs of your employees.

Proprietary technology, customizable services, continuing education and innovative informational tools will help your organization stay on top of evolving global benefits issues and strategically manage a dynamic benefits plan that attracts and retains the talent you need to do business on a global scale. When you work with Gallagher, you will have access to our global informational services and resources to help you manage your global benefits and meet your strategic objectives, including:

IBIS Academy: The most prestigious and longest-running International HR Conference in the world.

  • The IBIS Academy is a three-track event presented by Arthur J Gallagher & Co.'s Multinational Benefits and HR Consulting Practice that promotes learning, networking, and sharing.

GVISOR: A comprehensive global employee benefits information system.

  • In order to avoid compliance penalties and fines, gain a better understanding of benefits requirements in potential new global markets with GVISOR™. This comprehensive global employee benefits information system provides clients with online access to country manuals, news and compliance alerts. GVISOR™ will allow you to learn about a country’s employment conditions, stay informed on legislative issues and be able to take action on compliance issues to remain compliant and avoid penalties and fines.

Global Benefits Management System (GBMS): Our system provides a customizable set of services designed to provide metrics for measuring an organization's global benefits progress.

  • Proactively reinforce your organization's corporate strategic direction with Gallagher’s Global Benefits Management System (GBMS). Our system provides a customizable set of services designed to provide metrics for measuring an organization's global benefits progress as well as challenging areas such as compliance, governance, renewal management, and benchmarking and database management. Some of the GBMS services include:
    • Data collection
    • Benefit Analysis Reports (BARs)
    • Standard renewal management
    • Marketing and implementation
    • Harmonization and implementationGVISOR™ and IEB Manager access

Global Mobility: Gallagher provides customized consultation to ensure consistent, equitable and cost-effective management of your global mobility program.

  • As companies become increasingly global, the value of internationally experienced employees directly impacts the company's ability to achieve long-term business plans. Most companies, regardless of size or reach, are not structured to deliver critical global mobility programs on an international level.

  • Whether the needs for your internationally mobile employees are short-term, long-term, repatriation, localization or permanent transfer, Gallagher can meet your global mobility needs. Our consultants focus on compliance and preferred practice policy administration and can assist you in addressing and managing the specific challenges of your global workforce, such as:
    • Policy and procedures development
    • Global compensation and benefits analysis
    • Cost analysis and projections
    • Letter of understanding
    • Payroll or shadow payroll setup home/host countries
    • Expense tracking and year-end compliance
    • Benchmarking competitive practices
    • Tax, legal and Social Security compliance
    • Effective use of tax treaties
    • Immigration / work permits coordination
    • Relocation coordination
    • Cultural and language training / destination and settling in services
    • Manage relationships both internally and externally as they relate to global assignments (i.e. management, HR, payroll, global employees, International tax, immigration, cultural training, cost of living provider)

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