To make informed decisions about your talent, you must understand who they are. Gallagher helps organizations create better workplaces by unlocking talent potential, solving business and leadership issues and driving sustainable results.

With an emphasis on data-driven solutions, we offer services such as coaching, assessment, leadership development, learning workshops, succession management and team effectiveness to take your talent to the next level of performance. We work with you to strategically examine your unique talent pool and help accelerate the growth of your current and future leaders to face the future with confidence.

Grounded in neuro management concepts, our learning experiences and flexible coaching solutions help leaders develop new capabilities, shift mindsets and embrace change towards new business strategies.

Spur growth through coaching

At Gallagher, our coaching is effective because of the care and deliberation that we put into selecting our coaches and the flexible approach we take with each client. As a result, our roster is diverse and filled with high-quality coaches that we hand-select for each individual based on their organizational needs and personal preferences.

Our coaching services are designed to meet your unique requirements. Programs range in size, from one-on-one to group coaching; in length, from single sessions to year-long engagements; and in time, from 30 minutes to a full two hours.

Our range of coaching services include:

  • Executive coaching
  • Integration/onboarding coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Coaching as part of an overall leadership program

Drive sustainable change through learning

You've identified employees who have leadership potential within your organization, invest in them and your business. To help foster their growth and prepare them for future success, Gallagher's leadership experts facilitate a wide range of learning and development opportunities. Our learning workshops are designed to shift personal and organizational mindsets and bring about short and long-term behavioral changes. We offer customizable programs for new and seasoned managers specific to your industry and organization's needs.

Utilize assessment to uncover your talent potential

Gallagher's assessment solutions help you make better decisions about your talent. Our team delivers data-driven insights to help organizations reveal behaviors that result in sustainable leadership. Our process mitigates bias in decision-making and creates greater inclusivity throughout the talent development process.

At Gallagher, we offer assessment through SuccessFinder because it provides a high-definition picture of an individual's competencies, preferences, motivators and potential. We believe it's the best tool for making smart talent decisions that results in a complete profile that help to mitigate human bias.

Using SuccessFinder, we can:

  • Identify talent gaps
  • Select and hire the right new talent
  • Onboard new employees more effectively
  • Create a culture of engagement and performance
  • Identify high-potential employees (HIPO) within your organization
  • Facilitate succession management
  • Select/promote the best leadership
  • Predict career success in a particular role
  • Align teams to a mandate
  • Structure better employee development initiatives
  • Design effective coaching programs
  • Assist with outplacement career discussions

Because of its comprehensive approach to behavioral assessment, the data is just as effective in determining the potential success rate of a newly hired CEO as it is for an entry-level employee.

This approach allows your organization to remain consistent across geographies, employees and levels by offering a single, effective solution that can be used as the foundation for decisions regarding your talents' advancement, development and potential.

Get the full picture with a 360 Assessment

Feedback is an essential element of personal growth and development. By engaging in a 360° Assessment, leaders can access a broad range of perspectives to increase self-awareness and boost performance for themselves, their team and the organization.

By targeting a limited number of key competencies, we gather the most important data points and provide feedback in a constructive and strategic manner to help leaders reach their full potential.

Make informed decisions with Talent Analytics

Organizations are increasingly collecting a wide range of key performance indicators about their talent, such as demographics, skills, engagement and retention data. Yet, when it comes to behavioral insights, there is generally limited access to unbiased data to inform critical talent decisions.

By partnering with Gallagher, organizations can unlock access to behavioral data that predict performance across a wide range of roles, business contexts and leadership levels. Leveraging a fact-based approach grounded in scientific rigor, our Talent Analytics utilizes organizational talent data to help our clients reach their strategic goals.

Gallagher's leadership experts integrate your objective talent insights to support succession, develop higher performing teams and unlock individual leadership potential with actionable, tactical plans.

Enable exceptional leadership performance

A leadership development investment is an investment in your organization. Leaders are well established in their behaviors. Gallagher's leadership development plans help identify the nuanced behavioral changes and mitigation strategies necessary for each individual leader to deliver on their objectives. It also helps identify where additional resources for support or new operating models are necessary to deliver the required results.

Establish a robust talent pipeline through succession management

Identifying, developing and retaining a strong talent pipeline is an ongoing process rather than a one-time event. Gallagher's succession management services enable your organization to institute and sustain a process that identifies, develops and retains top talent while mitigating bias and promoting inclusion.

We focus on enhancing talent conversations, fostering inclusion and belonging, ensuring business continuity, increasing engagement, spurring innovation and allowing seamless knowledge transfer. Our approach includes industry-leading assessment tools to surface relevant development opportunities, along with several complementary services to ensure your succession efforts are robust.

Build effective teams

Effective teams are the engine of an organization. When focused and goal-oriented, they can produce timely, high-quality results. Gallagher's team effectiveness solutions are ideal for organizations executing a new strategic direction, teams struggling to deliver their mandate and newly formed executive teams.

Every step of our process is designed to bring you closer to achieving your business objectives, from increasing revenues and creating a leaner workforce to improving your organization's ability to collaborate remotely. No matter the imperative, we will customize our program to the unique needs of your organization. We will target all four elements of healthy teams: self-awareness, direction, trust and cohesion.

Leadership Assessment and Development Consulting Summary  

  • Leading-edge assessment and development programs.
  • Solutions for the full spectrum of learning and development.
  • Data-driven talent insights.
  • Coaching for individuals, groups and executives.

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