Flexible and scalable transition solutions powered by the Thrive Career Wellness Platform

The world of work has changed, and transitioning employees require modern tools and support to navigate their careers. Gallagher's contemporary approach to career transition merges fresh thinking with online learning, job search support and individualized coaching to meet the needs of today's workforce. No matter what career stage, objectives or other personal factors exist, our solution enables job seekers to select customizable services that are most valuable to them. From career coaching to upskilling and reskilling to health benefits and entrepreneurial support - there is something for everyone.

Gallagher is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Thrive Career Wellness Platform in Canada. Thrive is a cloud-based solution that allows users to drive their own experience. Thrive offers a robust marketplace of more than 70 services where employees have more control to allocate what's provided to them in their transition package. Combining this with the expertise of our expert career coaches ensures the transition experience aligns with the things most beneficial to advancing an individual's personal career goals.

Gallagher's combination of high-touch, personal interactions and use of innovative career-wellness technology will ensure both your organization and its departing employees receive the utmost respect and support throughout a transition. Our services are accessible, affordable, easy to deploy and your ROI can be easily measured through live engagement reporting.

Partnership every step of the way

Our team of experienced professionals have partnered with businesses across all industries to facilitate individual career transitions and large-scale outplacements affecting hundreds and thousands of employees. We've seen first-hand what works and what doesn't, and we bring that expertise to your business.

For your internal teams, we can provide best practices and support with planning, HR and manager training, messaging and timing, and employee notification on the day of notification. And for departing employees, we provide the most forward-thinking and flexible career transition service on the market.

Whether you are transitioning one employee or facilitating large-scale outplacement, we are always here to help you face the future with confidence.

By partnering with Gallagher, employers will:

  • Protect their brand
  • Maintain productivity
  • Mitigate risk
  • Reduce stress
  • See a positive ROI

Through our services, departing employees will experience:

  • Shorter transition times
  • Customizable solutions
  • Greater personal awareness
  • Expert support + guidance
  • Access to "hidden" job opportunities

A world of support

Career Star Group is Gallagher's trusted partner for international career transition and outplacement services. It's a globally connected organization with over 2,000 qualified career transition coaches in over 100 countries. Each year, Career Star Group works with over 5,200 companies and supports more than 80,500 individuals.

Through our strategic partnership with the Career Star Group, Gallagher has a track record of executing global career transition and coaching projects with the same standard of excellence that we deliver nationally.

Executive and leadership transition

Leadership departures require special attention because of the visibility they attract and the potential legal and brand risk posed to an organization.

We understand the challenges your organization and departing leaders face during a transition and draw upon the experience we gained from working with thousands of senior leaders across Canada. We have the expertise to guide you through change to a positive outcome for both parties.

Our executive career transition service is a high-touch, personalized approach that addresses the entire executive transition process from start to finish. In addition to 12-month access to the Thrive Career Wellness Platform, our solution includes market messaging, leadership assessment and development, dedicated executive advisory support, social media expertise, networking introductions, executive-only seminars and networking groups, financial counsel and spousal support.

Private client career transition

Managing your career is challenging, especially when you find yourself at a crossroads or have recently left an organization. Career transition services provide you with support and guidance to help you develop and execute a plan to fulfill your career goals.

Our private client service is designed for individuals in career transition who do not have financial support from their former or current employer.

The benefits of using career transition services include faster transition periods, access to "hidden" job opportunities and networking opportunities that are fueled by the Thrive Career Wellness Platform.

Meet Our Career Transition Leader

Career Transition Summary

  • Modern and flexible solutions powered by the Thrive Career Wellness Platform.
  • Executive transition support.
  • Better outcomes for employers and employees.
  • Career coaching and mentoring to fulfill career goals.

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