When you submit a claim, you realize the true value of your insurance broker. Gallagher has created a thorough practice that works with carriers to make sure your claims are resolved in your best interest. We staff our department with true claims professionals and experts in the industry, so you can confidently face the future and get back to what you do best.

Beyond claims management: Claims advocacy

Our clients receive on-demand access to dedicated claims specialists with technical expertise in all aspects of the claims discipline for all lines of coverage that Gallagher brokers. By fostering strong relationships with leading carriers, we advocate for you during the entire claims process. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Claim reviews
  • Coverage advocacy
  • Reserve review and analysis
  • Complex claims consulting
  • Specific claim handling instructions
  • Third-party administrator Requests for Proposals and Requests for Quotes (TPA RFP/RFQ)
  • Attorney and vendor selection
  • Custom projects based on your needs

As your advocate, our role is to ensure you receive the highest level of service from your vendors and that coverage is interpreted in your best interest. We're available to address your coverage questions as they arise and to aggressively advocate on your behalf when necessary.

Global experience with hometown authenticity

We deliver our global network of solutions with the personal service you would expect from a local broker. Never satisfied, we're always creating programs and solutions that address the specific claims challenges our clients face. We possess claims expertise in all industries and have claims advocates in all regions across Canada, licensed in each province with knowledge of your regional, provincial and federal regulations and laws.

Customized service throughout the claims process

Our highly skilled claim consultants will develop a customized claim service plan that controls and monitors claim management, following these steps:

  • Analyze every claim early for cost-effective management.
  • Determine where coverage applies and advise what hurdles are on the horizon.
  • Review carrier's coverage position.
  • Maximize claims handling proficiencies.
  • Audit to best practices.
  • Compare year-over-year results.
  • Grade your claim administrator.
  • Find opportunities for resolution.
  • Facilitate carrier responsiveness.
  • Advocate on coverage problems.
  • Refer to coverage counsel referral, when necessary.
  • Facilitate carrier response with high-level executives.
  • Deploy Gallagher executives for appeals to carriers, as necessary.

The Gallagher Difference

The challenge.

An Energy sector client experienced a large claim before moving their insurance portfolio to Gallagher. The client was located in an area with significant forest fires that affected over 70 kilometers of their transmission lines. The lines and the poles were damaged by fire, costing $1.4 million to replace. The insurance company had denied the claim.

Our action.

The Gallagher claims advocacy team reviewed the policies in place and realized that the client's renewal policy contained a new coverage limitation, unbeknownst to the client, that stipulated that transmission lines are only covered when located 300 meters from the insured's location — they claimed damages to the lines were 30 kilometers from the power station.

Our result.

As this was a new account to Gallagher in Canada, our claims advocacy team worked jointly with our marketing team to advocate for the client and secured confirmation of coverage from the insurers. The insurers agreed that the $1 million limit applied and paid the property portion of the claim. The Gallagher Claims team continues to support our client on the business interruption portion of the loss.

Claims Advocacy Management Summary

  • Dedicated experts in your industry who manage the entire process
  • Global reach and expertise
  • Specialized programs based on industry
  • Data and benchmarking

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