Our experienced professionals can help, as they have a firm understanding of where standard corporate indemnification leaves off and when D&O Liability coverage is needed, as well as an understanding of the statues and regulations surrounding it.

Directors and officers of organizations can be held personally liable for their acts or omissions while performing their course of duty and can suffer serious financial loss. In the event they are personally sued by investors, employees, vendors or clients, corporate indemnification alone is insufficient to cover all risks, especially if the corporation becomes insolvent.

As society has become more litigious in nature, both not-for-profit and for profit organizations are at risk of exposure to lawsuits alleging mismanagement of their interests. Allegations of wrongdoing can from stem from many areas, such as :

  • Mismanaging company funds
  • Failing to comply with laws
  • Injuring staff or clients
  • Wrongful termination
  • Discrimination
  • Inadequate training of employees or volunteers

To protect directors and officers, we offer D&O Liability coverage, which can cover not only personal assets, but legal fees associated with lawsuits and often protects the company they serve from financial loss.